DIY Faux Stained Glass

Happy Tuesday!

I got a little crafty over the weekend and made faux stained glass! This process was extremely experimental and the outcome is cute, but in my opinion, needs a little work. Having the right acrylic on glass painting tools makes the task a lot easier though. I will keep you updated on future tries with this one! The key is patience and caution!

Materials Needed:

  • Elmer’s white school glue
  • Elmer’s clear school glue
  • acrylic paint (color of choice)
  • glass of any size (mine came from a dollar store picture frame) or you could use a cute jar or container!
  • disposable cupcake tin
  • disposable paint brushes
  • NOT PICTURED: toothpicks
  • NOT PICTURED: q-tips

1. Prepare Glass

I simply removed the glass from the picture frame and cleaned it with windex. You want to make sure there’s no dust or other marks on it!

2. Mix black paint and glue

Mix a fair amount of black acrylic paint into the white Elmer’s glue. Don’t worry about adding too much because it’s only going to make the glue more black, which isn’t an issue! You could opt to use a different color if you want your lines to be something other than black (I’ve seen silver ones that look pretty dope), but I stuck with the classic.

3. OPTIONAL: Create a stencil

I planned to freehand my design but thought it might be easier if I created my own stencil. I drew a cute little cactus and placed the white paper underneath the glass in order to trace over it. My advice would be to draw something bold with a lot of space and little detail. As I started to trace mine with the glue, it got a little messy.

4. Outline!

This is the fun part! It takes patience and caution to execute successfully, but it’s all worth it! This is where the toothpicks come in! I traced the main cactus using the glue bottle and the glue comes out a bit thicker than expected. I ended up using toothpicks for the rest and it seemed to work a lot better.

5. Fill in with color!

As I said, I used toothpicks for the rest of the painting, starting with the color. Q-tips help with runny glue! Mix the clear glue and colored paint in the cupcake pan. I experimented with different amounts until I got the color I wanted! Lift up your piece as you’re painting to see how vibrant the color is! You may want to use darker colors once you see its opacity up against the sunlight.

That’s it! I added flowers to the bottom and let it set to dry. You could add ribbon to hang it or frame it. You MAY even be able to scrape it off and hang it like regular stained glass!

Happy crafting!



10 “Pretty” Instagrams

Hello lovely readers!

This week is a bit stressful (and chilly) so I’m living vicariously through charming Instagram accounts! For some, social media has become a bit of an art form. You may even go as far as to say an extension of oneself. Millions flock to the app each day to show off the things in their lives that they really cherish and appreciate in the hope to gain more followers and likes. Some users, particularly influencers, choose to use sites like Nitreo to give their follower count a little bit of a boost so that their Instagram page becomes more visible to other users. Another way to make it more visible it so gain more likes on posts too. The more likes a post gets, the more likely it’s going to be shown on the Instagram explore page and a pretty Instagram attracts likes. However, you can also use an instagram bot to artificially inflate the like count, which may also bring in organic traffic by making your fanbase look bigger than it actually is! Here are a few people who are really good at it! If for whatever reason your access to these accounts is restricted, they may have since been made private; you could consider using an instagram private viewer to see this content.

Enjoy this short and sweet post!

The photos from this account are simply satisfying! Bright colors and quirky props complete each “design”, creating a pleasant site for the eyes. This collection is curated by the instagram account below!

This page is full of bright pastels and lots of food! She definitely likes to explore, so that makes her page a constant stream of adventure!

Jonathan’s theme is full of warm tones and crisp landscapes. His photos make you want to jump in a van and drive without a map. Truly invigorating!

Dodie is one of my favorite artists of youtube. I stumbled across her vlogs a couple of years ago and have been low-key obsessed with her ever since! Right now she has a gray theme going on and I’m living for it!

Katheran Grace is a sweet gal who loves all things vintage (or disney)! I came across her page via Dodie – they’re pals! As a girl who believes she was born in the wrong era, I love her stylish page!

If you’re not a green thumb, this account may change that! These plants are gorgeous but the way they are photographed really brings them to life!

WHAT A POWERFUL CONCEPT! There is something so fierce about girls and their cats. Take a scroll through this one to see some furry friends!

Okay – this is actually a nail shop from back home and I’ve been LOVING their page lately. The designs are one of a kind and they post daily “color inspiration” which honestly is enough to inspire even the less-artsy! You won’t regret hitting their follow button!

Aileen is another vlogger I’ve been following for quite some time! She is all about those dreamy pastels and finding inspiration in every day things! Her vlogs focus on art, travel, mental health, and sometimes beauty!

This pretty little page was discovered thanks to Thread’s latest issue! Marta is a food blogger and the photos are simply breathtaking. They belong in a book! Check out the Thread piece on her here!

That’s it for today, have a wonderful week!

Images: Mentioned Instagram Accounts

DIY Paint Chip Wreath

The temperatures in Ohio have been super warm lately, so I thought a bright, cute DIY project would be a fun way to welcome spring! (I know there’s another entire month until spring ACTUALLY begins…but a girl can dream.)

The great thing about this project is: it costs next to nothing to make!



Materials needed:

  • 2 wire hangers
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • twine
  • 50-60 paint chips
    • NOTE: You need 50-60 leaves. So if you find the paint chips that are divided into four similar colors, then you would need less paint chips – saving paper and money. Don’t throw away the scraps, as you could use them for future crafting sesh’s!
    • SECOND NOTE: I felt a bit guilty picking up this many paint samples, but it turns out a lot of companies don’t discourage this. While they certainly don’t ENcourage it – there are other ways of going about obtaining these. Read about it here! 



CAREFULLY unwind the hanger hook and bend the entire wire into a circle. Re-wind the ends around each other. Repeat this for the second hanger as well.



Fold the desired color paint chip in half and cut a leaf-like semi circle out of it. Be careful not to crease it too harshly because you will cause the color to flake off.



Your final piece should look something like this. Repeat this with as many colors as you want! Your final number of leaves should be somewhere between 50-60.

I decided to make a green ombre wreath, but choose whatever colors or patterns speak to you!



I would honestly be perfectly okay with stopping here and just scattering these cute lil’ leaves about my apartment – because they low-key make me feel like I live in a story book *no shame in that sentence* – but I won’t.



Lay one wire circle on the other and tie together where the wires naturally touch. Make sure to secure them with strong knots and then wrap the twine around the wire as much as you desire.

IMPORTANT: Wrap the sharp ends of the wire as well so they don’t poke anyone! See below.



I ended up LOVING the way this looked and would have wrapped the entire thing if time permitted – the outcome may have been a little different, but I’m eager to try to make a “wicker” wreath out of this brown twine!



Arrange three to four leaves together and hot glue them to the wire. I chose to start on a thicker part of the wreath.



After this I continued working around the wreath, hot gluing leaves on one by one until I achieved the look I was going for. It’s important to note: start out with the bare minimum around the wreath and then go back to fill in places that look bare. I got a bit carried away on the left side, creating a thicker part than the rest of the wreath, but I can always go back and fill those in!

It’s also important to say that you don’t have to cut them all the same size, nor do they have to be perfectly aligned when gluing them on. In fact, the offset leaves add a bit of life to it.



You could definitely add other cute things to this project like little twigs (as I experimented with above), fruit, fake animals or even a name plate in the middle. Totally customizable to your taste!



This was my final product and although I will probably go back and fill in the parts that look a little bare, I LOVE how it turned out! Super cheerful and it will make my dining table look a bit more home-y.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Four Artists You Need On Your Playlist

As a singer and lover of almost any kind of music, my Spotify is full of goodies from Adele, to Childish Gambino – and everything in between. I also use platforms such as Bandcamp to find new music, which can be pretty exciting. Additionally, I like to discover new and upcoming music artists and ensure I give them enough recognition; getting a sufficient number of plays to become a noticeable music artist is difficult nowadays, especially on prestigious platforms like Spotify when there are roughly 750,000 songs are streamed on spotify each minute now. It’s impossible for me to find and recognize every new and brilliant artist with how easy it is for music to be snowed down under every other artist due to the lack of plays. To climb your way up to the top as an artist and start to get recognized, there’s the option to buy Spotify plays. This way, your music will start to be more easily found by fans of your style and your dream of getting to the top will start to become more easily achievable… as well as giving me some new music to listen to! Sometimes, I create playlists so I can download them on sites like, just so I have different playlists for different moods! But recently, I’ve found myself adding songs to my “chill finds” and “soft sounds” playlists. Continue reading “Four Artists You Need On Your Playlist”

21 Thanksgiving Dresses

I love the holidays. Sparkly lights, Christmas music, pumpkin pie, family and friends, the list goes on and on. What better way to kick off the holiday season than by feasting over turkey and mashed potatoes while giving thanks for all the blessings in your life? Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and I still need to pick out a dress!

I did a little hunting and collected dresses that are perfect for being cute and comfy because *ha* – food babies. I know we are all trying to ball on a budget, so a few of these are a little pricier, but most of them are fairly inexpensive!

First up: Florals




Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!

Next: Solids

Image:          Click here! 
Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here! 



Image:          Click here! 

And embroidery!


Image:          Click here!


Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!
Image:          Click here!
Image:           Click here!


Image:           Click here!


Image:          Click here! 

These would all look perfect with boots and tights – some even scarves.

Hope you enjoyed this lovely little collection, have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

All Out ’90s Halloween Costumes

Happy (almost) Halloween!

I’m sure lots of you are super stoked about dressing up – but some of you may need a little inspiration! Today I’ve collected ten ’90s themed costumes ranging from toys to shows and everything in between. Most of them are pretty easy and cheap.

I’m pumped so we’re just going to jump right in to this one!


Image Credit: Pinterest


Image Credit:,,,, Pinterest,


Image Credit:



Image Credit:,, Buzzfeed,,


Image Credit: Wikipedia, Pinterest


Image Credit: Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon,


Image Credit: Pinterest


Image Credit: Pinterest


Image Credit: Pinterest


Image Credit: Pinterest

That’s just a taste of the plethora of costumes the 90’s has to offer! I tried to create this with costumes I haven’t really seen done a lot and they’re great because you can alter them to fit your needs.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween weekend!

Staying Focused When The Year Gets Busy

Hello lovelies! October has officially arrived and I couldn’t be happier! From crunchy leaves to pumpkin carving, I can’t wait for what this month has in store.

I hope I’m speaking for many when I say the last three months are the busiest and quite possibly the most stressful out of the year. Some years it takes everything I have to not get off track and finish the semester strong. Being a student completing my last year of school, I find my plate quite full with classes, organizations I’m involved in, an internship and a job! I thought it would be useful to create a list of ways I can stay focused and driven until Christmas break (at least).

Below are 8 ways to keep your head in the game and – out of the pumpkins.  (*wink wink* *nudge nudge* Any Office fans in here?)



This is my number one rule for staying organized in general! If you make an appointment, write it down. If you have an assignment, write it down. Need to remind yourself to make a list? Write it down! A great tip for this is to color code! For example: I write all the finance related and exam information in red, this way I know that those are the most important things in my planner for that week. Homework in purple, meetings in blue…you get the picture. This just helps me have a general overview of how busy my week will be and…to be honest, it’s more visually appealing!


The other half of “write it down” is look at it! I have a horrible habit of marking things down and never returning to that place where I first wrote it. I usually prepare for the week on Sunday afternoons, and luckily I haven’t broken that habit – yet! This helps make sure I have everything in order so by the time Monday rolls around, I won’t be scrambling for syllabi and stressfully scrolling through old emails trying to remember the time my appointment was. I also tend to write things down in more than one place. That Sunday afternoon involves transferring my schedule to a wall-calendar that I see every day. I actually show you this in a post where I talk about a few ways I stay organized here – hope you find it useful!


This is an area that I feel everyone is constantly working on because there’s just not enough hours in the day. That being said, the nights when I DO get a full no loud neighbors, no uncomfortable temperatures, no to do lists running through my mind, eight hours of sleep – those days are golden. You KNOW it’s going to be a productive day when that iPhone alarm (that you’ve heard 800,000 times) doesn’t instantly make you want to hide under the covers. So – as hard as it is, TRY to be in bed at least before midnight and I promise you’ll feel like a whole new person in the morning!


This is a real struggle this time of year. You are constantly on the go, always have projects to work on, and maybe even feel like you can’t sit down for a meal! BUT DON’T MAKE IT WORSE BY ONLY LIVING THAT WAY! You have to have relaxation time. I’m not talking once a week (hello Friday nights) – there has to be some time EACH day where you can exist for 30-60 minutes (more if you’re lucky) and enjoy not doing anything. Maybe this is your Netflix time, a video game, or a chapter of your book. Whatever it may be – don’t skip it! I like to spend these little moments in my apartment if I can, that way I’m totally focused on, well, nothing! But the corner of your fav coffee shop could work just fine too.


As I get older the one thing I have really grown an appreciation of is a clean house. *sigh* When I walk into a clean room at the end of the day it’s SO nice to feel open and not cluttered. I don’t keep a lot of things on my dresser because I feel that once I put a few things, before you know it there’s a mountain of school books, latte receipts, and hair ties and bobby pins galore. Try to make sure everything has a place and try to put it in said place the moment you don’t need it anymore. This eliminates the need to “pick up” when things get out of control – because hopefully they WONT be out of control!


While working on projects and studying for classes, sometimes you need a new view. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my little apartment, but sometimes it’s nice to be in a different environment with different vibes whether that be the library or the coffee shop. You’d be surprised at how a new location can spark a new drive!


THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME. In order to stay on track, I have to have places dedicated to specific activities. Eat at the table. Relax in the living room. Work at my desk. Sleep in my bed. If you eat, study and stare at your computer screen in your bed, your brain will start to associate your bed with more than just sleep! (PSA THAT’S NOT REALLY A PSA: DORMS ARE TOO SMALL) This is such an essential rule to my life, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to have separate spaces for all of these things then PLEASE utilize it correctly because it can work wonders! If you live in a dorm or a small space and don’t have this luxury, try to at least go somewhere else to do your homework and study.

Brains are weird. Contemplating writing an entire post about that last tip because it’s amazing how impactful it is! 


Nobody ever makes it out alive anyway. – Van Wilder (OKAY, okay – you can stop laughing now – it wasn’t THAT funny.) But honestly – life happens, we are all human and the sun is going to come up tomorrow whether you made it on time or not – so don’t sweat it.

There are just some of my ways to stay focused during the busiest time of the year. Staying organized is crucial, but you can’t pour every ounce of your being into work or school! Take some time for yourself to make your work even better. You deserve it! Happy October and good luck with the rest of 2017!!