My Lifestyle Changes

If you’ve ever experienced being a young adult between the ages of 18 to 25, you’ll know so many changes occur. You’re expected to take on the real world and make serious life decisions before your brain is fully developed. The beauty of this is most people change: their minds change, their friends change, their lifestyle changes. This blog is important to me for two reasons. First, this is my formal announcement of my huge life change. Second, this blog is a reminder to high schoolers, college students, people in technical school, people with jobs and any young adult going through this weird time frame that it is totally normal to change. In fact, if you didn’t change I’d say that’s completely out of the ordinary.

After high school I was sure that college was for me. I had a difficult time trying to decide what major I’d spend my four years in and honestly, I went for something that felt safe to me. I chose journalism because I like writing and it seemed like something I could make a living doing. While in college, I explored aspects of makeup artistry for Thread, the magazine I write and blog for. I expanded on my makeup and hair knowledge, and I found this hobby to be entertaining, a creative outlet and even kind of fulfilling. When you have the opportunity to make someone feel beautiful, it’s a great feeling. I spent time praying, considering different options and I decided that this hobby was more than just a hobby, it was a passion.

I am so excited to say, I am officially going to pursue a career in cosmetology. I’ve had so many ideas about how I would go about my life after getting a license in this field, but I know Jesus will lead me exactly where I need to be. I will be attending the Aveda Fredric’s Institute for Cosmetology where I will be expanding my knowledge in hair styling, makeup art, skincare and nail care. I had always told myself this career choice would be my backup if journalism didn’t work out, but looking back I realize I was putting my passion on the backburner for something that I thought the world would deem more fitting.

Oh, boy was I wrong.

As much as I love the college experience and living with a roommate who is now one of my closest friends, this is a field I can see myself spending my life working in. It was an extremely difficult and tear-filled decision, but I am so excited that I can pursue a career I can genuinely love and appreciate.

I will still write here and there because I love sharing life experiences, telling others about my faith in Jesus and giving beauty or lifestyle advice. Lord willing, within the next few years, I can perform my passion daily and make a living doing it. And I know that if things change again, it’s normal and I will embrace the path I’m supposed to take.

Life isn’t bread and butter. It’s like a mountain range. You get to choose how you climb, whether or not you choose to make it difficult and tiring, or fun and optimistic. I choose the latter.

Stunning Simplicity: Monochrome Makeup

A trend that was seen in 2018 in the makeup community has remained a heavy hitting trend in 2019. Monochrome makeup and fashion can look extremely beautiful and can be relatively simple if done properly. I love monochromatic makeup looks because with certain tones you can really bring out the color of your eyes or accent a nice outfit. The look is super mesmerizing and strikingly elegant.

When doing a monochromatic makeup look you’ll want to find a good medium to light transition shade that will blend nicely with a crease, outer v, and lid shade. I love taking a lighter yellow and blending into a deeper yellow in the crease. Once I take time blending together those two shades I go in with an even darker yellowish orange color to deepen the look. Finally I take a shimmery yellow gold on the lid to finish it off (then add whitish gold to the highlight points). To finish off a monochrome look I like to highlight with a shade similar to my eyeshadow, so I would use a light gold toned highlight with a nude matte lip or sheer gloss. The best part about monochrome is that it works with any color scheme.

This type of look takes no time and is super stunning and modern. Using bright colors like yellows, pinks, blues can really bring out the spirit of Spring and Summer, but this makeup trend works all year round.

Photo by Kailee Richey
Photo by Kailee Richey

*Cover photo @kaileericheyphotography

The Truth About Dermablading

A topic of discussion that has been filtering through social media is the idea of dermablading, something makeup guru, Huda Kattan, has been open about doing. Within the last week, Jaclyn Hill, a makeup artist on YouTube, detailed her experience shaving her face in a recent video. This topic is not one women are inclined to speak on and generally are not broadly open to discussing facial hair, peach fuzz, and the like. I wanted to take some time to talk about face shaving and how it may be beneficial to someone’s skincare routine.

So, what is dermablading?

According to Allura, a wellness clinic, “dermablading is the process of gently scraping away dead skin cells and ‘peach fuzz’ hairs to give your skin a smoother, brighter complexion.” It is a great way to remove hair which provides a smoother canvas for makeup application while also exfoliating the skin. The process involves a handheld, small, single blade that is brushed (in featherlike strokes) across the skin. It is generally a very safe and useful hair removal technique, although it is not recommended to dermablade if you have oily or very acne prone skin.

How can it help you?

The dermablading process can be great for people who wear makeup frequently. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and flaky skin. It also allows for smoother makeup application; powder and foundation appear less cakey and don’t cling to peach fuzz. It removes a layer of dead skin and brightens the skin tone. Hair doesn’t grow back darker or thicker. You can also use the blade to help shape your brows and hairline (with caution).

Dermablading can be done at home after purchasing a small razor at a drugstore or online. It is not recommended to use a multi-bladed shower razor like a Venus or Schick, but a single-bladed tool. You may see a proper esthetician for this procedure to be sure it is being done properly and sterilely. It works well for all skin types and may change the game when it comes to skincare.

Photo cred in header and photo of blades:

Being Bold: Colorful Makeup Lookbook

Recently, I’ve decided that as bold and colorful makeup looks are becoming more of a trend, I would explore a more detailed and creative side of makeup. This lookbook is comprised of fun and funky looks you can try at home for fun or wear for a night on the town. I hope this gives you some inspiration for you to step outside of the box and try something different or outside of your comfort zone. Check down below for a list of products used!

Products used:

Brows- Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, ColourPop Clear Brow Gel

Eye Primer- Urban Decay Primer Potion

Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape

Eyeshadow- James Charles x Morphe and Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palettes, Stila Glitter and GLow Liquid Eyeshadow

Eyeliner: Stila felt tip liner, NYX gel liners (white and blue)

Face Paint/Cream (also used on lips): iMagic Flash Color Palette (Dupe for the Makeup Forever Flash Color Palette)

Lashes: Falsies: Lilly Lashes in Miami Lite and Ela, Mascara: Lancome Lash Primer and Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

Lips: ColourPop lip gloss

Brushes used: Morphe Brushes

Pic Credits to Leanna Siupinys: (Red Floral makeup look in the feature collage)

The Power Of Words

How often do you hear someone ask “how are you?” and how often is the response back “good and you?” The question is almost always a time filler or a way to generate social comfort. In many instances, we say these things thinking the answer is a short “fine,” when in actuality the answer may not be so simple; it’s much more possible to be better than fine, or not so fine at all. I’m starting off this blog with the encouragement that when you ask someone, “how are you?” that you actually put compassion behind the words you’re speaking. Gently inquire and listen.

“The Power of Words” is the title of the blog this week because I needed the reminder that our words have big meaning. Thank you Jesus, I have never experienced great life trouble, but I have experienced some let downs and setbacks. Oftentimes, it may be difficult to reach out for help or have the courage to talk to others. I am here to encourage you to reach out to someone you trust. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Talking through experiences allows us to escape from the dangers of isolation. Isolation allows for lies to fill the mind, causing self doubt and confusion.

I want to stress that while talking is beneficial, the process of voicing our thoughts also has a great significance in our lives. Words are so powerful and meaningful. They can lift someone up or tear them down; the lack of words can also do the same. Personally, I look at this specific topic through a lense, because of my faith I’m striving for my words to be glorifying and pleasing to God. That means my words can either be blessings or cursings. I have noticed that my words need to better reflect the truth I know about Jesus and not the world.

Again, while some of this comes from self reflection, it is a great reminder to put a filter on what you say. The act of gossiping, complaining, bringing others down, hurtful jokes, insensitive comments, and judgement tears us apart as individuals and shows the dark parts of our hearts. Stressing the importance of talking through issues doesn’t mean bring other people’s issues to light. It means that we need to be vulnerable with ourselves, praying, talking with people who can hold us accountable and ultimately changing and growing for the better.

It is super important to use our words to help a cause not hurt one. Being vulnerable about our struggles and seeking guidance will only allow us to grow as human beings. Removing the negativity will also do the same. I hope my own self reflection helps to encourage others. Over next next few weeks examine what comes out of your mouth. Think before you speak and use your communication for good, not evil. Through this we can learn a lot from each other!

Liven Your Life

Recently, some friends helped me find a great way to jump-start spring and I would love to share that with you! Like I mentioned in the blog a few weeks ago, one way to cure end-of-winter cabin fever is to pick up a new hobby. I personally discovered a new love for growing and maintaining indoor plants. After a much needed trip to Columbus, I picked up two of the cutest little leafy shade plants and brought them back to liven up my dorm in Athens.  

Here are a few reasons why I think this is a great way to jump start spring. First of all, you’re giving yourself some responsibility. Many people argue that they lack a green thumb and can’t keep anything alive. Let me tell you, that is so false. Some house plants are super easy to take care of. Once you do some simple research, you can find what types of plants suits your home, and your capabilities and you go from there. Second, it allows you to appreciate the beauty of creation. This may sound corny or very simple, but there is a beauty in the life around us. My little plants remind me that there is a whole, full green Earth that needs our care, protection, and ultimately, our change. It’s so important to value the vastness of our planet. Lastly, taking care of a few plants allows for us to take our minds off of the stresses of life. Soon, I will be repotting my plants into some fun pottery to bring some character into my room and I’m so excited for this sweet–yet simple–change. As minor as it may seem, a plant can be a super fun and cute way to bring some spring into our lives while we bear the cold. I hope this inspires you to liven up your life like it has mine!

2019 Makeup Releases You Must Try

Although it’s nearing the end of February, 2019 has brought along some new and interesting makeup launches. This week’s blog is all about new makeup; what to try and what to avoid.

Here is the list of big launches in the last two months:

Tarte: Face Tape Foundation

ColourPop: ColourPop x  Zoella Brunch Collection (includes three matte lip colors, three lip liners, a blush, a highlighter, an eyeshadow palette, two gel liners, and two individual shadows)  and new colored eyeliners and mascaras (in red, blue, teal, purple, pink and more)

Morphe: Bronze Glow Collection (featuring an eyeshadow palette, two bronzers, and two highlighters), Jeffree Star x Morphe brush collection

Huda Beauty: Rose Collection cream lipsticks (eight shades) and melted shadows (five shades)

Anastasia: Dipbrow Gel

Fenty: PRO FILT’R concealer and setting powder

The interesting thing about these launches is that some of the items are new, exciting things we can add to our collections, but some may be repeat items that we just don’t need to break the bank for. The new ColourPop eyeliner and mascaras are fun items that are not on overload in the makeup market. Anastasia is making brow lovers quake everywhere; the creation of the dipbrow gel is a great mix of the beloved dipbrow pomade and the clear gel. It is a take on brow gel with a tint and Anastasia has never failed us when it comes to brows. As for the Tarte, Huda, and Morphe launches, they seem to be overdone products that are already available on the market. If you already have a good foundation, a solid brush set, neutral eyeshadow palettes, and lip colors with rosie tones, you wouldn’t need to spend any hard-earned money on these products. They are all definitely worth a try if you are willing to spend the money though. As far as Fenty, you can never go wrong with that monumental brand.

Take some time to do research and read reviews (as always). As more makeup comes out we need to evaluate what is really worth it. Try something fun and new, you won’t regret it!

Three Ways to Avoid End-Of-Winter Cabin Fever

I, like so many others, look forward to a new season that is full of new trends and exciting changes. As much as I love the winter vibe filled with sweaters, hot tea, and fun movie nights, it definitely lends to the possibility of cabin fever. Too much repetition can get old and that’s why, by the end of a season, we long for a change in weather and, in general, a change in pace for our lives. Despite this inevitable reluctance to stay stuck in the motions of cold weather, I have some tricks to help you stick out the rest of the winter and avoid cabin fever.

1. The first and most obvious option is to surround yourself with people who make you forget about the weather. Socialize, have fun, and laugh. It’s so fun to get with a group of friends or family, forget about work, homework, and stress to just have a good time. Go out and grab dinner, go window-shopping, watch a movie, go ice skating; the options are endless.

2. Go for a walk or go to the gym. As redundant as it may sound, movement helps us avoid the cabin fever feeling. It’s not only a great way to fill the time, but working out is super rewarding. Forget about the cold that chills to the bone and get moving! Your body will get that rejuvenated feeling and you may even develop a new (and healthy) habit.

3. Lastly, pick up a fun hobby. Try something new you’ve never tried like water-color painting or DIY decorating. There are so many cute little crafts you can Pinterest to pass the time. Try painting your nails with fun designs, making your own skincare products (like soaps, lotions, and toners), or painting small canvases for your room.

These a just a few short and sweet options to liven up your life at the end of this season. Don’t let the dullness get to you. Spring and summer are just around the corner, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment you’re in now.

Winter Makeup Look-Book

With the weather being cold and inconsistent, it can be difficult to have the motivation to put effort into a good outfit, let alone put on makeup. This week’s blog has some inspiration for fun and simple makeup looks.

Our first look is a simple light-glam. This look features a warm-toned lip and a shimmery brown eye. This look is perfect for any occasion. It can enhance a simple outfit and bring attention upward to the face. This look is also perfect for any eye color!

The next look is one of my favorite types of makeup looks. This is a monotone burgundy eye with a white liner in the water line to really open up the eyes. To bring the monotone look together, a deep, reddish burgundy lip color is used. A deeper blush also works well with the color scheme. The darker colors really bring out the adored winter “by the fire” vibe . You can do this look super quickly and it’s perfect for a fancy dinner or a date with a special someone.

What I love about this fun and super easy makeup is that it’s so natural. Here the makeup consists of a little bronzer to give some warmth to the skin, a mauvy nude lip and some mascara. I like to revive the sun-kissed look I often lack in the winter. It’s classy and it’s a great look for class or hanging out with friends and family.

Our last piece can be done with a multitude of color options. This purple half-cut crease really meshes well with the cool-toned colors to go along with our wintery and chilly vibes. This also could be done with an icy blue or gold to really bring that pop of color into the dullest of seasons.

I hope that this can provide some inspiration to your wintery looks. Have fun and get creative!

Facing Reality

When you look at someone, the first thing you see is their face. The face is the window to a world of thought, conversation, or the building of a relationship. Yet contrary to the purpose of a face, we often turn ours away from others. As we’ve aged, technology has grown more advanced. Instead of politely acknowledging one’s existence in passing, or saying hello to a stranger, we’re stuck on the elevator with our faces stuck in a screen.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge culprit of this. I find it extremely difficult to push myself out of my comfort zone and talk or just simply accept silence in human interaction. If there is a pause, I pick up my phone. If I feel uncomfortable, I pick up my phone. One day I was walking from a class to my job across campus and decided as I went through the main building, Baker Center, and up the escalators that I wouldn’t look at my phone. To make this even more challenging, I looked to my left just a few feet to look at the faces of people going the other direction, just to see how many would look back or make eye contact with me. Then I attempted to keep count as best I could. I passed over 50 people, maybe even 75, but less than 10 people met my gaze in the few seconds that we passed.

This social experiment was generally just for fun. I didn’t actually do a serious number count, write down, or seriously analyze my experience. I simply did it to see how much random interaction people actually took part in. Keep in mind, as weird as all of this sounds, interaction is part of what makes us human. We need to set down the screen, spend less time on social media, turn off the tv and the music and interact with people.

Like I said before, I’m not just “preaching to the choir.” Many people don’t realize they are lacking interaction. I’m also not saying to talk to every person you see. I am simply hoping to encourage you just to look up and look out. A smile could change the outlook of someone’s day. Let’s stop camouflaging behind our screens and with our headphones. Be human, be real and face reality with your beautiful face.