Monster’s Inc., But Make It Fashion

Hey, everybody! It feels like it’s been forever, doesn’t it? I just know you’ve all been dying to find out what I’ve been up to! Truth be told, I haven’t been doing a whole lot. I’ve had a lot of schoolwork to do, and I haven’t been feeling well lately. But something I pride myself in is being able to pull up in pajamas, still looking somewhat put together. Since my wardrobe is fairly versatile, it’s great for mixing and matching because of the color palettes I tend to veer toward. Today, because of my current state of mind — as well as the changing of the seasons — I’m going to share a comfy but cute look that I’ve fallen in love with recently. As usual, go ahead and scroll down to see our flat lay for this week.

You’re probably thinking, “Woah, that’s a lot of pink.” I know, and that’s just how I like it. Because this ensemble centers around comfort, the fuzz is key and, although it’s simple, this outfit features a couple of staple pieces. First of all, let’s talk about that sweatshirt. I was super nervous when I ordered it from Amazon because it wasn’t from a well-known brand and it was cheap. When it arrived a few months ago, I wore it for probably two days straight because it was so soft and oversized. You’ll notice that I pulled in the double-sock element that I spoke about in this past month’s issue, using some fuzzy pink socks to bring the fluff throughout the outfit as opposed to just being centered in the sweatshirt. In addition to those, I pulled some gray thigh-high socks to match the gray spandex shorts I used to avoid a pretty serious wardrobe malfunction because the sweatshirt isn’t that oversized. I’m sure you can tell I saved the best for last: those slippers.

Quick product review! I saw these slippers last year on Dolls Kill (who could’ve guessed?) and fell in love. I have a pink dinosaur Kigurumi and the only downside to it is that it doesn’t have feet, so these slippers were ideal. While they’re no longer listed on the Dolls Kill website, they’re still available in other places online, and they’re called the Ms Monstrosity Silky Slippers. While it could potentially differ from site to site, on Dolls Kill they retailed for $20. Like I said earlier, I’ve had them for about a year now, and for the wear and tear they’ve received, they’re holding up wonderfully. Now, supposedly these guys are “one size fits most.” Having small feet, I’m on one end of the shoe-size spectrum, and they don’t slip or fall off, but there’s lots of room because of the squishiness and material. They really mold to and hug your feet nicely, and they were a great purchase!

You’ll notice that, for once, I didn’t include any accessories (aside from my locket, but you’ll never see me without it) in the flat lay. Ludicrous, I know. However, because this outfit was centered more around comfort than anything, I wanted to stay true to that. When doing my hair, I decided the put in the pink hair bows to keep my hair back. As for makeup, I kept it dewy, flushed, and light with lots of blush and highlight. For the eyes, I just spread blush on the lid with my finger and then went in with mascara. On the lips I always start with a lip balm, but then I used a lip liner to create a more ombre effect, and then blended it out and added some gloss to make it look a bit less dramatic.

It’s that time again! I want to thank you all for reading, and for putting up with the couple of weeks when I didn’t post. I’m excited to be back, and I think this look is really solid and ideal for winter. Enjoy!

Rugrats, But Make It Fashion

Hey, everybody! So sorry that I missed you all last week, but I’m back today with one of my all-time favorite looks! I definitely loved cartoons as a kid, and I always preferred Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon over the Disney Channel. “Rugrats” stopped airing on live TV in 2004, when I was just three years old, but having an older sister, I watched it on demand all of the time, alongside my “Spongebob” and “Crashbox.” This week’s outfit is not just inspired by “Rugrats” but it features the show’s best character. As always, take a peek below, and get acquainted with our flat lay for the week.

Right away, I’m sure you can tell what the focal point of this look is: Reptar. This Godzilla-like t-rex captured my heart as a kid. I originally saw this shirt on Depop for $11, and I was entranced. It was late at night, and I didn’t have very much money but I simply had to have it, so I purchased it immediately. After about two weeks of waiting for it to ship, I double-checked the listing, realizing it had been posted over 38 weeks before I’d bought it. Naturally, I ordered my refund, and it all went smoothly, but there was still a Reptar-shaped whole in my heart. So, I did what any rational person would do, and Googled for a few hours until I found another copy of it on Poshmark. The shop only sold it in a 2XL and 3XL, so I opted for the smaller of the two. About a week later it arrived, and I honestly can’t recall another time I’ve been that happy about a package. What ended up being one of my favorite things about this shirt is its versatility. I can wear it as a dress, tucked into a pair of pants or a skirt, or I can even wear it with sweatpants; any occasion is Reptar friendly with this shirt at your disposal!

Because I wanted to dress it up a bit, I decided to wear it as a dress (with spandex shorts on underneath, because it does end up being a little short in the back for me). I loved the idea of striped socks, and although I have green pairs and purple pairs, I thought white would really pop against the black. They also happen to be my thickest pair, so they accommodate the changing seasons flawlessly. Thanks, Hot Topic!

Quick product review! This is more of a store review, but let’s just talk about Hot Topic for a minute. I know that the store as widely considered to be cringey, but I’m not afraid to say that I think they have a lot of cool stuff … and no, I’m not just saying that because they supported me through my emo phase. Their products, while slightly expensive, last a very long time. The socks for this look were from Hot Topic, and I bought them in eighth grade. That’s what five years of wear looks like on Hot Topic socks, and that’s genuinely incredible. You guys know how much I value socks, and quality is super important to me. I remember them retailing for around $10, and that’s actually more expensive than Hot Topic’s average thigh-high socks nowadays, which go for about $8.90. Anyway, if you’ve overlooked them because of stigma, I highly recommend you check Hot Topic out. And hey, they have a website if you’re embarrassed to walk into the store!

Onto accessories! I used my trusty Target heels for this outfit. They were cheap but are comfortable and of great quality. I decided to use some puffball hair ties from Claire’s that fit the color scheme, as well as some dinosaur earrings from Dolls Kill and a white choker to match the white in the socks.

For my eye makeup, I wanted to pull the green and blue onto and above the lid and smudge magenta under the eye. Because the eyes turned out so dramatic, I decided to stay natural in the lip area. Boy, do I wish I knew how to put on fake lashes, though!

It’s that time again, everybody: the final look! Thank you all for being so patient, and I hope the length of this post makes up for last week’s hole in the schedule. Full disclosure: the outfit pictures below are slightly different; the choker is purple, the makeup isn’t the same, and my hair is blonde. The best picture I have of myself is coincidentally in this outfit, so I decided to use that picture. But hey, it’s not in my dorm, so it looks fancier! Enjoy, and I’ll see you again next week.

Geometry, But Make It Fashion

Hey, everybody! With the changing of the seasons, many people tend to switch up their style; they swap out the white Converse for the black ankle boots and the crop tops for baggy sweaters. I do not. I wear most of my clothes year-round and, because of that, I value the weight of my clothes, probably to a fault. Today, I’m going to give you an example of some year-round fashion, and I’m gonna do it in the only way that I’m capable of: with excessively bright colors and patterns. As always, scroll a teensy bit to find the flat lay for this look, and my drawn-out thought process for putting the outfit together.

This ensemble is so simple, but it’s definitely one of my most striking looks. Clearly, the staple piece for this week is this crazy blouse that I found at Goodwill a couple of years ago. And here’s where the weight comes in! As I said, I wear my clothes all year, and outfits like this one, with long pants and long sleeves, need to be lightweight enough that I can sport them in both the cool and warm months. This blouse is thin and satiny, and that’s really helpful for year-round fashion. If it were colder, I would probably layer this with an oversized, olive green jacket.

Fortunately, the weather today was just right, and the outfit was ideal. Since that top is so overwhelming, it’s important to either keep that going all throughout the look or to keep it simple everywhere else. For the purpose of wearability, I went simple. As you can plainly see, I used some black jeans that you might remember from my very first post, “Trolls, But Make It Fashion.” I also decided to wear black dress shoes and some black fishnet ruffle socks, just to keep it interesting.

For the accessories, I used my go-to earrings: gold hoops. I thought these fit in well because of the modern-art feel of the top, as well as my plan for my hair and makeup. I wanted to slick my hair back, but unfortunately, I just washed my hair yesterday, and I couldn’t bear to wash it two days in a row. So, I pulled it back into a tight, low bun instead. For my makeup, I decided to keep these minimalistic, but bright. I didn’t use makeup on my face, and I feathered my eyebrows a bit for a natural look. Then, I drew on some thick, blue wings of eyeliner and painted my lips a nice, bright red.

All right, fellas! It’s that time again, and luckily I caught some wonderful lighting, so the final look actually appears quite nice this week! I hope you enjoyed this week’s rambling, and I hope that my cynicism wasn’t off-putting; I was in a zesty mood while writing. Anyway, I hope you guys learned something, or at the very least, had some fun. Enjoy!

Time Travel, But Make It Fashion

Hey, everybody! This past week was full of nostalgia for me, and it was filled with a lot of introspection about the future. I know that a couple of weeks ago I decided to look into some more futuristic themes, so this week I thought I’d take a little trip into the past; we’re covering the ’40s. This is a simple look, but it’s elegant, and I think we all need some class every once in a while – I know I do! As usual, I’ve provided the flat lay for this look below.

So, as I said, this outfit is simple. The main attraction is this vintage dress, which is most likely from 1942. I got it from an antique shop in my hometown, and unfortunately, the tag had been removed, but it was in such good condition that I had to snatch it up! It’s a little sheer, so I have to wear a slip underneath, and I’m using a plain black one. I wanted to keep the look simple and true to the times, so I finished it off with black pantyhose and a pair of black heels that were the closest that I could find to the style they wore back then. I added a simple brown belt to accentuate the waist and gold hoop earrings as well. The earrings aren’t quite right for the time period, but because I have a limited earring selection, I decided to wear a pair that matched my signature gold locket.

The real pride and joy of this look is definitely the makeup: blue eyeshadow, red lips, blush, and long eyebrows. It sounds atrocious, doesn’t it? But, I had to see what the hype was about. I started with my eyebrows, filling them in normally, but extending the ends a little bit. Next, I set out to find the perfect eyeshadow combination. I ended up finding it in Urban Decay’s Born To Run palette.

Quick product review! I got this palette right after it came out. I know it’s old news at this point, but you better believe I’m going to talk about it anyway! These are wonderful eyeshadows; they’re blendable, buildable, and buttery. Spritz some setting spray onto your brush, and those glitters glide on. In addition, the color story is awesome and super useful for a lot of different looks. It retails for $49, which is pretty standard and worth it, in my opinion.

After priming the lid, I went in with the shade “Radio.” It’s a deeper blue, and I applied it above my crease and smoked it out. Then, I cut the crease with concealer and packed the shade “Big Sky” – a lighter, greener blue –onto my lid. I threw a little wing on each eye and did my mascara. Boom, eyes are done! Before I did my lips, I decided to do the makeup on my face first, which consisted of my normal routine, just with a lot more blush. After that was done, I pulled out my lip products. I started by lining my lips with an exaggerated cupid’s bow. Then, I made my lower lip look less wide with help from a bit of concealer. Finally, I just painted on a shiny coat of burgundy lipstick, and the look was complete! Though it was a daunting task, it really wasn’t that hard in the end.

So, it’s about time for the final look! I know this wasn’t super over-the-top, but I think it’s very pretty, and I wanted to show you all a different side of me. Enjoy 🙂

Care Bears, But Make It Fashion

Hi, everybody! Lately, I’ve been feeling very colorful and bright. But unlike what you’ve seen so far, it’s a more airy sort of brightness. So today, I’ve managed to put together the outfit of my pretty pastel dreams! Below I’ve included my flat lay for this look, so you can take a peek at the pieces that I used.

For this look, the theme is obviously going to be about color; but the most important aspect is the balance of colors. The focal point of the outfit is this super cute Sugar Thrillz In Your Dreams Thermal Romper from Dolls Kill. To keep the balance of the outfit intact, I chose to include the equally bright Qozmo Aiire Pastel Sneakers from Y.R.U., which I will delve into in a moment. Since both the top and bottom of this outfit are so extreme, I thought it would be wise to break up the colors with something a bit more plain. Because purple is the least represented color between the top and the shoes, I chose to pair the outfit with a purple suspender skirt.

Quick product review! This romper is amazing. When it first arrived it was a bit scratchy, but after I washed it once it became very comfortable. The colors are so vivid, and those little heart-shaped buttons are a cute touch. The buttons came a little loose, but it wasn’t anything some quick hand sewing couldn’t solve. It’s warm enough for fall, but somehow cool enough for summer, and it can be dressed up or down easily. It is no longer listed on the Dolls Kill website, but it retails on Poshmark and Depop between $20 and $38. The sizing on this item is interesting as well. While I generally fluctuate between a size medium and large, given the stretchy material, I easily fit into a small. If you go this route and you have larger chest, however, I would just suggest tightening up the buttons at the top.

I know that you’re curious about the shoes, so I’ll cover that now! These shoes, while colorful, have a trick up their sleeve: they light up!

The light alternates between green, pink, and blue! I love these shoes. So now, obviously:

Quick product review! As I said, I adore these shoes. While they’re from Y.R.U., I got them through the Dolls Kill website. They retail for $130, but because of frequent sales, you could get them discounted at $105 like I did. These are very high-quality, sturdy shoes. Right away I could tell because they’re fairly heavy, and the stitching was really nice. So don’t worry, you’re getting what you pay for. They run true to size, but they don’t come in half sizes. If you regularly wear a half size, it would be better to size up rather than down.

Accessories elevate almost any outfit, and I’ll live and die by that statement. So, naturally, once I had the basics down, I opened my two sock drawers and began pulling out anything colorful. I ended up deciding on a pair of candy heart socks that I bought at Claire’s. I chose these because the color was broken up by white, which paired well with the white choker I’d picked out. I then decided to tie my hair up with a standard rainbow scrunchy and added some fluffy blue earrings; both of these accessories were also from Claire’s.

So, it’s about time for the final look! Because no colors had been underrepresented in the outfit, I chose to go a simple route for the makeup, and I tried my best to execute a pink, aqua, and purple shimmer eyeshadow gradient. Other than that, I kept it pretty standard. I also made two small changes to the look: I switched out one blue earring for a purple one, just for a little more pizzazz, and I ended up removing the choker altogether because I realized it didn’t suit the look as well as I thought it would.

And here it is! I love these types of looks, and I’m happy I have an outlet to talk in detail about them. I hope you all enjoy!

The Area 51 Raid, But Make It Fashion

Hey, everybody! I want to start this post off with a quick anecdote. Last night I was having a bit of a moment; I was really sad and just not feeling well at all. So, I did something I haven’t done in a long time: I took a night walk. The second I got outside I started to feel better. Who knew fresh air was actually good for you, right? Anyway, I had a lot of time for introspection and, of course, some Billie Holiday never hurt anything. But the pinnacle of this walk was the stars. I walked until I found a dark spot, and I watched all the different constellations come to life as my eyes adjusted. It was ethereal and calming. I’ve always loved space and, of course, I love clothes, so today I wanted to put together something a little extraterrestrial in honor of the tiny twinkling beauties up there.

So, here’s the flat lay for this week’s look. As you can see it’s a lot simpler than what we did last week, but don’t worry, she still packs a punch! The first detail that catches the eye is the shiny silver seen on both the skirt and those cute little sneakers.

Quick product review! These shoes are from Target, and they retailed for about $20. I don’t believe they’re still in stores but, from what I’ve seen, people are selling them on sites like Poshmark and Depop. The sizing is accurate, but I haven’t seen any half sizes. If you wear a half size, I recommend sizing up and not down. They’re not super sturdy, but they look great! For the price, I’d definitely say they’re worth it.

Because of all the sci-fi media that we see, when people think of space I feel as though metallics and silver definitely come to mind. With that said, those pieces are a no-brainer for this look. But what really completes the outfit for me are the socks!

They have a navy blue background, which I emphasized with a matching blue velvet top, and they’re embellished with pink UFOs! I decided to tie the yellow tops of the socks in using some hair bows, but I wanted to save the orange and the pink notes primarily for the makeup. Now, if you wanted to jazz it up, alien costume makeup would be perfect for this look, but I chose to stay more casual this week since last week was so over-the-top!

Here’s the final look! This was a really fun outfit to plan, and I hope you all enjoyed me babbling about it for a few paragraphs. I apologize for the camera quality in this post. Hopefully, it’ll be back up to speed next week. I hope you liked it nonetheless!

Trolls, But Make It Fashion

Hey, everybody! Normally I lean heavily toward pastels, but for my first post, I wanted to start things off with a bang. So, naturally, I took my neon items and mashed them all together to create a mega-bright masterpiece for you all today! Below I’ve included a flat lay of the outfit and all of the pieces that I used.

So, the focal point is a Good Luck Trolls x Dolls Kill mesh top, featuring different Troll belly gems. I wanted to focus on the color pink for the outfit and pull out the gem colors in the makeup. With that in mind, I immediately got some bright pink fishnet tights, a couple of matching hair bows, and, of course, I had to include my Miss Stackin’ Dough platform sneakers. Then, I went to pull my dELiA*s by Dolls Kill Teen Confessions pleated skirt, but here’s the thing: it’s an older piece, so it’s too faded! So, after a lot of sighing and sulking, I decided that maybe it would’ve been too much pink anyway. In the end, I decided that the next best option for my limited selection of bottoms would be some simple black shorts (from Target, not Dolls Kill, aren’t you shocked?) to complement the fishnet tights.

Quick product review!

The material of the top is so much softer than I thought it would be, and it’s held up pretty well considering how often I wear it. It retails for $28, and the sizes are listed as extra small to extra large. Usually, I wear a medium or large, but a small fit me perfectly on account of the stretch.

So, I know that there’s some curiosity about these shoes. On the website, they did not look as bright as they are in person but, considering my experience with Dolls Kill and the fact that this has happened to me three times now, I probably should’ve known. That being said, I’m still happy with the color, and the soles are very squishy and comfortable. The gem strands are detachable and easy to get on and off. The sizing is just a tad small, so if you do go to pick these up, I would order it in a size up because there are no half sizes.

All right! We have our outfit and accessories locked down. Now, as promised, I’m going to go into the makeup I used to finish off the look. As I said before, I wanted to bring out the other colors pictured on the top: yellow, orange, green, and blue. The first thing I thought of, given the color combination, was a cut crease eyeshadow look. To add a smoky eye, I chose to put the green and blue above the crease while keeping the yellow and orange strictly on the lid. I also did this because I have blue eyes, and a green and blue combination wouldn’t make them pop as much as a yellow and orange combination would. For a cut crease I like to put the outer and above-the-crease colors first, and then go in with a concealer on the lid before adding my lid colors. For one last hoorah, I decided to use some bright pink lipstick to finish it all off.

Here is the final look. I hope I did a decent job explaining and that you were entertained all the way through! Enjoy!