Three Ways to Cuff Your Favorite Jeans

Hello friends, and happy Saturday! Let’s talk about jeans. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re honestly some of the most versatile and fun pants to wear. Personally, I love to cuff my jeans in different ways depending on the style of the jean and the outfit itself.

I’m going to share with you all a couple of tricks that make the same pair of jeans stand out a little differently every time you wear them. Take a look:

The Fold-Over Cuff (Extra Large)

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The fold-over cuff is one of my favorites because it’s simple, stylish, and timeless. All you have to do is fold your jeans up into a cuff as large as you like. This is the perfect cuff to use when you’re wearing strappy sandals or heels. It’s super quick and tasteful!

The Double-Roll Cuff

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This cuff is definitely the most common way to cuff your jeans. It’s timeless, easy, and elegant. Simply roll your jeans twice up your leg. Some people like to straighten them out so that they match, while others, like myself, prefer to mess them up a little so they’re uneven. Either way, this look is incredible.

The Half-Tuck or Messy-Roll Cuff

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The half-tuck or messy-roll tuck is probably the cuff that’s the most fun. Although this looks a little complicated, it’s really not. Start with a large roll (pictured above), then fold your jeans up again to meet the top of the first cuff. Pull the end of the first long cuff up to mess up the ends a little bit for a fun and fresh look.

Happy cuffing! P.S. This is just a little reminder that we’re officially halfway through the semester now. Support your friends, flaunt your fashion, and let’s finish this semester strong! Have a beautiful homecoming, and I’ll catch up with you all next week.

How To Eco-Up Your Bathroom

Hello friends, and happy Saturday! It’s 2019, and it’s time we all learn to live in a more sustainable fashion. The trend of being eco-friendly has often been advertised as all or nothing, but going all-in takes time and is generally quite an expensive process. Instead, I’m proposing a couple of zero-waste changes that could spruce up your bathroom and reduce your carbon footprint.

This week, I’ve been busy updating my bathroom; I’ve been swapping out old, polluting products with new, biodegradable products that produce less waste. I’ve loved converting my bathroom to an (almost) zero-waste space. It’s easy, affordable, and contributes to saving our beautiful planet. So, in my opinion, it’s well worth a try. Here are a few eco-friendly tips and product swaps that I made to limit the waste output in my bathroom:

Bamboo Toothbrushes

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An easy replacement for your plastic toothbrush is a bamboo biodegradable toothbrush. Everything but the bristles is compostable, which I thought was pretty neat!


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Deodorant traditionally comes in non-recyclable plastic containers that ultimately end up in landfills once they’ve been used. I’ve experimented a little and made my own deodorant cream! I know it sounds weird, but I store mine in a glass mason jar and it looks cute and aesthetically pleasing. Great brand: Schmidt’s Deodorant Cream.


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Instead of buying disposable plastic razors, opt for a stainless steel reusable razor and switch out the blades. Great brand: Preserve (made from recycled plastic).


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Shower gel almost always comes in a non-recyclable plastic bottle, and some contain microbeads, which is one of the largest ocean pollutants. Try switching to a soap bar, preferably not wrapped in any packaging at all. If you’re feeling creative, making homemade soap bars is the best way to ensure that the ingredients are eco-friendly. I totally recommend this!

Shampoo and Conditioner

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As strange as it seems, shampoo and conditioner now come in bars like soap. There are many homemade shampoo and conditioner recipes that will save you from buying single-use plastic bottles. Instead of using bottled conditioner, you can use argan oil or organic coconut oil to moisturize your hair after a shower.

“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.” — Ernest Hemingway

5 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Hi, friends, and happy Friday! So, we’re almost into week six of the semester, and I’m starting to feel a little tired and lethargic. I think a lot of us get off to a running start and then struggle to keep up our momentum (and health) as we get into the middle of the semester. I love to practice yoga, and I think the benefits of being on your mat are so worth the time you sacrifice. Below are five yoga poses I find leave me relaxed and refreshed after a long day. I hope you find them as rejuvenating as I do!

1. Child’s Pose

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The child’s pose helps stretch out the muscles in your torso while simultaneously stretching your back and leg muscles. The action of resting your forehead on a firm surface is relaxing for the mind, making child’s pose incredibly soothing.

2. Reclined Pose

Lying flat on your back against a firm surface is a great way to focus on your breathing and body awareness. This is how I start most of my practices because it feels so good.

3. Reclined or Supine Twist

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The reclined or supine twist is one of my favorite poses to do either at the start of my practice or at the end. It is a restorative yoga pose, so it is rejuvenating for many parts of the body, including your back, hamstrings, chest, and spine.

4. Legs-up-the-wall

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This pose is something that helps relieve just about any stress or anxiety you’re experiencing. Although it can be a little awkward to get into this pose, I personally find it to be one of the most restorative poses because it stretches the hamstrings and relieves lower back tension, while also minimizing cramps and indigestion.

5. Downward Dog

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This pose is generally one of the first poses introduced to beginner yogis because it is pretty easy to master and it has incredible mental and physical health benefits. The downward dog pose helps reduce anxiety, it strengthens both the upper and lower body, and it energizes the body. Medically, this pose has even been known to help prevent osteoporosis, a disease common in older women.

Happy practicing, guys! 🙂

Styling Your Home Around the FALL Aesthetic!

Hello, friends, and happy Saturday! So, as it turns out, fall is my favorite season, and it begins on Monday! I love the burnt amber leaves, the pumpkin spice candles, and all of the flannels. I think the change of the seasons makes me feel like decorating, especially when it starts getting chilly. Last weekend I was out shopping for some of my favorite fall decor, and I’m excited to share some of my top picks with you all!

1. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets make for that perfect, cozy aesthetic in your home during the fall! The weather is at that comforting temperature where a pile of your favorite throw blankets will make your couch or bedroom even more appealing.

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2. Candles

Pumpkin spice is the scent of the season! During the fall, I constantly find myself lighting different sweet and spicy candles in my house. A touch of apple and cinnamon is guaranteed to freshen up your home this fall.

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3. Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

During the fall, my kitchen is always overflowing with pumpkin food and drinks. We’ve got pumpkin spice lattes (a personal favorite), pumpkin bread, pumpkin-flavored coffee creamers, and ice cream. Everything is pumpkin flavored, and things couldn’t be better!

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4. Decorative Pillows

Throw pillows are a must during the fall. They’re fun and festive, and they definitely deserve a place on your couch!

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Indulge in a little self-care this weekend and go and pick up some of these favorites to create your perfect fall aesthetic!