Top Swimsuit Trends of Summer 2017

Finals Week is just around the corner, and with that means summer break is fast approaching! Buying a bathing suit can sometimes be stressful because of all the different styles on the market, which can make it hard to pick out a suit that speaks for you. The number one rule when buying swimwear is to try it on before you buy anything. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on new swimwear, taking it home to try it on, and realizing it doesn’t flatter your body shape. Different swimwear styles will look good on different body types so spend a bit of time finding a shape that suits you!

Here are just a few styles that will be sure to be the most popular of the season.

Whether it be a bikini or a one-piece, you will see this popular clothing trend turned into a bathing suit. You can find them within any price range and they’re perfect for lounging on the beach.

(Above: Free People)

(Above: Target)

2. High Waisted
This is a personal favorite of mine and I find that it is flattering on any body type! This type of bathing suit is perfect for when you want to be active while wearing it, whether that’s water sports or a game of beach volleyball. If you want to show your summer body off a bit more, why not check out a thong bikini bottom instead? It’s completely up to you which shape and style swimwear you want to wear this summer and luckily, you have plenty of options to choose from!




3. One Piece Statement Suits
These could be called the graphic tee of the beach. They tend to be a little bit less revealing than a bathing suit, but still show off personality and humor with what is written on it. They’re great if you want to cover your body up a bit but still want to catch a tan! You can get one piece swimsuits with all kinds of slogans written on them so shop around to find one that you love!

(Both suits: Free People)

Must-Have Summer Sandals

As summer break approaches, we are all steadily getting ready for the relaxing days and new adventures that will be upon us. Some of us will be going to a new city to intern, and others will be going home to see family and friends. No matter where you are going, everyone will need these summer sandals in their closet for the season!

1.  Birkenstocks
There are so many different styles of the Birkenstocks that everyone can surely find one that will suit their style. These are a little on the pricey side, but they are of high-quality and will form to your foot over time. You can wear them with a casual outfit or dress them up and wear them out on the town.



2. Embroidered Platform Sandals
Platform sandals are the heel that you can really never go wrong with. They are more stable and comfortable than a regular heel and give your outfit a retro feel. Embroidery has been popping up on denim and other accessories this season, and shoes are not to be left out.


3. Leather Sandals
These are comfortable and cute shoes that can be worn during the day at the office or on a day at the beach. Many stores have their own version of this shoe and prices range depending on where you decide to purchase.


4. Wrap Sandals
These are my personal favorite! This season, we have seen many funky sandals on the scene. They have a lot of details, and many will feature intricate embellishments and embroidery. These sandals are unique and you’ll be sure to stand out in any setting.


3 Essentials for Spring

Today marks the first day of spring, and with the warmer temperatures and longer days comes fest season!

Here are three essentials you will need for the upcoming fests and beautiful summer days!


Sunglasses are not only a lifesaver in the bright sun, but they are also a must-have accessory. There are so many cute options at low prices that make having multiple pairs a necessity. Free People, Forever21, H&M, have many options for affordable sunglasses.

Small bag
Fest season is the time for running around having fun with your friends, and you will want to have your hands free, but still have all of your necessities in one place. A small tote or fanny pack would be perfect and convenient for fests and summers at the beach.



Whether it is raining, snowing or finally sunny, hats have a purpose in all forms of weather. When the weather becomes too hot to handle, a hat can mask even the worst of bad hair days while still being trendy.


Photo Credit: Free People

Shopping for a Cause

Spring is fast approaching, and with weather changes comes the time to throw out old clothes and bring in the new. As the media has shown us, fast fashion can take a toll on the environment with the amount of waste that it produces. Today there are many companies that are working toward sustaining and recycling clothes. H&M has a sustainability program that will give you incentives to donate clothes back to the store so that they can be turned back into textile fibers. Even though we are still producing more clothes than needed, we can still try to help the environment by recycling and buying clothes that are working toward the betterment of the world. If you are looking to update your closet, here are just a few companies that are helping the world through fashion.


TOMS is a popular company whose mission statement is, “With every product you purchase, Toms will help a person in need.” They have expanded from selling a few types of shoes, to selling sunglasses, bags, apparel and coffee, and then donating and working with over seventy countries around the world. When you buy a pair of shoes, you are essentially donating a pair of shoes through TOMS. If you buy a pair of sunglasses, you are giving someone the opportunity to receive eye surgery, or a pair of prescription glasses. Purchasing a bag from TOMS provides training to birth attendants and other materials that are necessary to have a safe labor process. They have many products that are not only cute, comfortable and in style, but they also help to improve the lives of many.





The Elephant Pants

There are many companies that are working to conserve and save animals from extinction through habitat observation and conservation efforts. One of my favorite clothing brands is The Elephant Pants, which sells bohemian clothing that also donates 10% of each transaction to charities on a mission to save the elephants, as well as give jobs to those in Thailand that are affected by poor labor standards. Their company ranges in sizes, and the harem pant is one of their most popular pieces that look great on every shape and size.


Dare to recycle clothing and shop at places that work to make the world a better place, one piece of clothing at a time.

What to Wear in the Real World

Even though many of us want to stay in college forever, we can’t hide the fact that we’re all growing up and becoming adults. Being able to wear sweatpants to class will soon come to an end as we venture into the real world of wearing business clothes for jobs and internships.

When I think of business casual, I think of a boring black blazer and dress pants, but the times are changing and there are many options for what you can wear in a business setting. Jeans that were once banned, are now more appropriate as long as they show no wear or tear. Suits and ties were once the norm in a business setting, but those are now saved for more serious events.

Business clothes are a great way for expressing yourself in a work setting. While companies have their own rules and regulations when it comes to what to wear at work, there are still many options that keep the business-clothes shopping, fun. Clothes still need to be clean, pressed and not baring any excess skin, but colors and patterns are important and can help an outfit stand out and show off some personality.

Pairing red pants with grey will give a fresh pop of color in an otherwise monotone work setting. A maroon blazer and striped shirt looks fashion-forward while still being professional. Pairing neutral colors with a few pops of color and patterns will make your outfit more exciting and have you standing out in the best way possible.

Shoes are also important, they should be comfortable and cover most of the foot. Heels are acceptable as long as they have a small heel. Fashion is meant to be fun, even in a business setting, so wear the red plaid blazer and feel empowered and professional while doing it.



(photos provided by Pinterest)

5 Essentials Everyone Needs In Their Closet

In a world with fast fashion, we can easily become overwhelmed with new trends. We find ourselves thinking that we’re out of the loop because of all of the new clothing being thrown at us throughout the year.

There are articles of clothing that are so universal that they can be worn at all times, and everyone can find a version that fits their body type in a comfortable and flattering way.

Here are 5 basic staples that are musts in any wardrobe this spring.

1. Dark Denim

Everyone needs a pair of jeans that fits them just right. From skinny jean or flare, to bootcut or cropped —the options are endless. A pair of dark jeans can be worn in almost any situation, whether you want to dress up or down. This makes life easier especially with a busy college schedule.

Photo: Lucky Brand Jeans

2. Carry-all Tote

Having a tote in a neutral color is always key! Find a great one that can be used for school, work or the gym.

Photo: Free People

3. Black Booties

Just like a pair of your favorite jeans, this will be different for everyone, but a pair of comfortable black shoes with a little bit of heel are essential to any wardrobe.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

4. Denim Jacket

This has been in style for decades and it does not look like it is going away anytime soon. Like most of these articles of clothing, it can be worn during the day, but also dressed up for a night on the town.

Photo: Urban Outfitters


5. Basic T-shirt

A comfortable and lightweight shirt that can be worn with leggings or jeans is a perfect go-to when in a hurry. Having an array of basic tees is essential for any fashionista looking to make the most out of every piece of clothing in their closet.

Photo: Free People 

All of these items can be worn together to make an outfit, or mixed & matched. Fashion is meant to be fun, not overwhelming, so having basic staples will surely make styling an outfit ten times easier!

Fashion History Repeating Itself




We have all heard the phrase “history repeats itself” at least once in our lives, and the same goes for fashion. The clothes that we’re wearing now and the items that are on trend are aligning with the same clothes that our parents wore in their youth.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Jean jackets and velvet are just a few examples of trends that have looped right back into our wardrobes this season. There is one item in particular that I want to focus on today and that is the graphic tee.

We’ve seen them flooding the fashion industry today, especially due to mainstream media in the past year. People tend to wear graphic tees to express different brands, musical groups or movements that they’re into at the moment. Here in Athens, we really see them being worn during fest season.

Photo: Free People

Forever 21, PacSun, American Eagle, ASOS and Urban Outfitters are just a few fast fashion brands that have debuted a graphic tee line recently. So whether you’re wearing a graphic tee with your ripped jeans and a flannel, or you’re rocking an Adidas graphic tee while working out, there is undoubtedly a graphic tee out there for you!

Photo: Nordstrom

Purses with a Purpose

As college students, we all want clothes and accessories to be cute and affordable, but we also crave versatility for day-to-day activities, like school. This week, I am highlighting bags that are ideal for toting your laptop and books to and from classes, all while looking incredibly fashionable.

Photo by Free People

The first bag is the Washed Military Bag by Free People. It’s $99, which is a little steep, but it’s perfect to carry all of your school and travel needs while having that effortless grunge look.

Photo by H&M

The second bag is from H&M and comes at a reasonable price of $19.99! It’s solid black and made from imitation leather, but it looks just like the real thing. This bag is perfect for the walk to and from class, and it’s versatile enough to pair with anyone’s personal style. 

Photo by Free People

The third and final bag that I am showcasing is also from Free People and it’s one of my personal favorites! The Slouchy Vegan Tote is perfect for school, travel, and everything in between. At just $68, you’ll get this tote and two other vegan leather bags included with it.

It comes in seven different colors and it’s also reversible, so essentially you get to choose from 14 colors. This bag is not only affordable and functional, but the fact that you’re getting three different bags for the price of one is incredible!