De-Stressing in a Stressful World

Stress. It’s a little word that holds immense power over humankind. 

Between midterms, jobs, and a social life, students can be overcome with anxiety and the pressure to do well. For those who are past their young adult years, job and family pressures can often cause immense tension in their lives. 

For the times that the world does become a little too much to handle, it is important to remember helpful coping mechanisms so that all sanity is not lost. 

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My favorite way to control my stress level is to hit the gym. Getting your body active also aids the activity of your mind. Personally, a higher heart rate helps bring me clarity and focus. It also releases all of my negative emotions toward whatever I am facing. After a weightlifting or cardio session, I often feel ready to conquer whatever tasks lie ahead.

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If lifting weights or cardio isn’t your strong suit, another personal favorite is yoga. Today, with all of the different styles of yoga, it shouldn’t be hard to find a class you like. Hot yoga helps to release toxins, while Yin yoga helps to relax your body. The body can harbor tense muscles during times of stress, so being able to stretch and practice constructive breathing can aid in relaxation. 

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Moving away from physical activity, I love to journal. Journaling helps to calm me and organize everything that I am facing in my life. It also grounds me, keeping me from becoming utterly lost in my thoughts. The same goes for lists; I LOVE lists. Any time I can visualize what I have to accomplish, it instantly helps to calm any building anxiety.

Realizing the importance of taking a break – physically and mentally – is a necessity. Hopefully, some of these ideas aid whoever may be reading this post. 

Have a joyous and wonderful week!

A note: Please always remember that if things reach a point beyond your control, there are professionals to help who are often a phone call away.

Modern Hollywood Halloween Fashion

Throughout fall I am often seen wearing oversized bell-sleeve sweaters, ripped jeans, and tan boots. However, for today’s blog, I won’t go into detail about each of my favorite fall pieces – I will save that for another post. Instead, since Halloween is coming up, I am going to dive a little deeper into some of my favorite Halloween movies. More specifically, I am going to challenge myself to stray away from my familiar sweaters so that I can recreate outfits based on iconic Halloween characters. 

Many characters in Halloween or thriller movies have normal people with everyday looks – unless you focus on animated movies such as Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or “The Corpse Bride.” Here are some recreations of a few iconic Halloween-themed movies and shows.

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To start off a little tamer, Jamie Lee Curtis offered a subtle yet fashionable ’90s look in the 2018 reprise of “Halloween.” In order to recreate this, I combined my dad’s old button-down shirt with a pair of black ripped jeans. This look can be completed by tying the ends of the button-down shirt to accentuate your figure. Much like Jamie Lee Curtis sprinting to kill Michael Meyers, we, as college students, must sprint across campus to our classes, so a simple pair of tennis shoes will work for this look.

Image Retrieved from The Addams Family Wiki

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, Carolyn Jones’s outfit as Morticia Addams provides an ideal outlet for your darker side. This beautiful black dress and black thrifted jacket make a flawless combination to recreate Morticias’s iconic long, black dress. Slip on a pair of Doc Martens, and this outfit reaches perfection.

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Finally, to channel the animated side of Halloween, Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride,” offers a stylish yet darker look into Halloween fashion. Emily wears a long white wedding dress in the animated movie. Although it may be odd to wear a wedding dress around campus, a cream-colored sundress, black jacket, and Doc Martens will make this look more subtle. 

Hopefully, these looks brought inspiration into your wardrobe and allowed you to see that fashion can be pulled from just about anywhere!

True Imagination: Clothing Edition

It can be so difficult to restrain yourself when shopping. We’ve all experienced it; you’re walking through the mall – convinced that you won’t buy a single article of clothing – when suddenly a shirt catches your eye. You know what I mean: the shirt that would complete EVERY outfit. The shirt that makes your heart soar. However, it would be shameful to purchase the shirt without a new pair of pants and a new set of sneakers. Before you know it, you’re happily strolling to the car, bags in hand and a hole burned in your pocket. 

That was then, and sadly, this is now. Being college students, we cannot afford this lifestyle. However, in the few hours of sleep that college kids attain a night, we can sure dream. And on the off-chance that sleep does occur, here are the items I hope to wake up to. 

Image retrieved from official Nike website.

Imagine, Cindy Lou Who-esque dreams of sugar plums and fairies, except the sugar plums are the beautiful Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low shoes. However, I am not dreaming of the traditional white color that so many people sport. My attention is drawn to the buttery texture of the orange pair. They are a statement piece, especially with the fall colors. 

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If sugar plums are Air Force 1 shoes, then the fairies are delivering an “Off-White” belt. In all its glory, the “Off-White” industrial belt is not something to wear lightly. With camouflage pants, this belt is THE accessory of dreams. A$AP Rocky would be proud.

Image retrieved from official Versace website.

Roll out the red carpet ladies and gentlemen; this college student’s dream is coming to an end. If I woke up next to these circular Versace sunglasses, I might just have a heart attack. Sitting at over $200, these sunglasses provide the ideal mixture between vintage and upscale. What I wouldn’t give…  

Maybe next time you manage to get some rest, you won’t have nightmares about student loans, but instead, you will dream about your red carpet debut. 

Current September Favorites to Beat the Heat

If you are anything like me, I would skip right over the September heat. Walking five minutes results in a hard-core sweat, which I’m sure nobody finds comfortable. September’s muggy weather prompted me to dig deeper into my limited college wardrobe. What outfits won’t make me look like a wet dog but will still keep me comfortable in the air-conditioning? 

Well, my friends, here are some of my current September go-to’s that fit perfectly into my coffee-shop aesthetic. I hope these become some of your new favorite pieces too!

MOM JEANS, MOM JEANS, MOM JEANS! These jeans are a staple piece in my closet. This particular pair is from Eddie Bauer, and they are quite literally my mom’s jeans. The rips, however, I designed on my own. With a little help from a pair of old tweezers, sandpaper, and a washer, these jeans reached peak DIY destruction. Loose enough to remain cool yet tight enough to stay up on my waist, mom jeans are a timeless piece to anybody’s closet. 


The next item in this particular outfit is a top ordered from Zaful. It comes as a two-piece set (the shorts are also striped) and fits like a gem. The orange stripes allow for a fall-like vibe while the cropped aspect provides a great summer-looking contrast. 

For accessories, I added a simple gold necklace and watch. I often try to match my shoes and belt, so to finish it off, I found a brown belt and it paired with Birkenstocks to complete this look. 

Not feeling jeans but want to keep it classy? This beautiful dress from Anthropologie has you covered! The dress looks a tad odd on its own but a bralette and a navy blue tank top underneath is sure to spice up this look.

Typically, I enjoy wearing this dress with a pair of platform heels. However, I prefer not to break my wallet when I shop. Instead of purchasing a $70-plus pair of platform sandals, I stopped by my local Famous Footwear and bought a pair for less than $40! Add a scrunchie, and you’re golden.

Before I leave my dorm, I am always sure to quickly spritz Mario Badescu’s rosewater on my face, as well as a dab Love Beauty and Planet’s coconut-scented lotion on my hands. 

Hopefully, these outfits inspire you to dig a little deeper into your closet and imagination, while keeping the heat in mind!