Style Spotlight: Skins

If you were on Tumblr at one point between 2012 to 2016, you might have seen quotes or gifs from the infamous show “Skins.” Typically under hashtags like #softgrunge, #edgy, or #dark, the British show followed three generations of teens dealing with a variety of issues, such as addiction, mental illness, broken families, and friendships. Originally airing from 2007 to 2013, the show gained much controversy for the explicit scenes and language. Even after it ended, it left an impact and was referenced on social media for a while. I was around the age of 15 when I heard about the show, and I ended up watching it when I was 17. Personally, I enjoy the show; it’s very outrageous but they do show a lot of what teens deal with. The characters on “Skins” all have strong personalities, and their outfits help define who they are. Although the trends are more representative of the 2010s, their fashion is just as iconic as the show itself.

For reference, I’m only doing my favorite characters on the show, and I haven’t watched the third generation. 

Cassie Ainsworth was one of the most memorable characters over the course of the series. She was the definition of a “manic pixie dream girl,” and her character dealt with a variety of mental illness issues, most prominently being anorexia. Her style was very vintage, with soft feminine touches and intricate details. Long flowy dresses and skirts were a staple for her and sometimes she’d pair it with a heavy blazer. Her closet is filled with pinks, beiges, golds, and grays that she’ll typically mix up with flowery patterns. She can be seen sporting a gold wristwatch around her ankle to add to the uniqueness of her character’s style. Her clothes reflect her sweet personality.

Chris Miles is notorious for being the hard partier in the group and getting around. He typically wore loud patterns and scarfs with muscle tanks. Chris would sometimes be seen wearing baggy pants and a beanie on his head. His fashion was the epitome of the 2000s and 2010s. It was colorful and wild compared to the other male characters from the first generation. He remains a fan-favorite character to this day. 

Effy Stonem is possibly the most famous character from this show. To this day, she has defined an entire generation, and her quotes are typically found on Tumblr. She was the mysterious “cool girl” in the second generation and was never seen without black smudged eye makeup. She often wore long draped necklaces, and black was a staple color. She could also be seen in fishnets, shorts, loose tank tops, and combat boots. Her clothes were recreated often on Tumblr, and she definitely influenced my own style in high school. 

Emily Fitch was the kind-hearted, twin sister of Katie Fitch. She was defined by her character growth and coming out due to her relationship with Naomi. She was often in sweaters and skirts, with small bursts of color. She’d often wear neat blouses or tights underneath and a pair of flats to finish off her outfit.

Freddie McClair was the sweet and laid-back skater boy that captured the attention of Effy Stonem. He would often wear plain tank tops or shirts, with baggy jeans and sneakers. He would also sometimes wear a cardigan or jacket. His relaxed attitude was reflected in his clothes, which were casual and pretty simple. 

“Skins” remains an iconic show even after it ended. The drama, the storylines, and the memorable characters have stuck in the minds of viewers. I always loved the show and the fashion left an influence on me. If you’ve never seen “Skins,” I highly recommend that you watch it! The series can be found on Netflix. I hope you enjoyed this article and maybe found a new show to binge!

A Brand New Year

This is my first blog post of the new year! I’m super excited to be back writing for you all! I can happily say that 2019 was the best year of my life. It was exciting and full of incredible memories that I’ll never forget. I visited the West Coast, went to Chicago, graduated, met the love of my life, and started my first year of college. With so many beautiful memories, I was almost scared to go into 2020. It’s not only a new year but a new decade as well. However, a new year brings in new opportunities and a fresh slate to create more memories.

I want to work on being a better version of myself, not only mentally but physically as well. Last year, I really got into going to the gym and working out. I’ve decided I want to do more and get better about going on a more frequent basis. I also want to start eating better, which I know is everyone’s resolution, but I want to start taking better care of my body. Physical health is really important, and I want to keep myself in good condition.

Mental health is also vital and last year was a turning point with mine. I started to talk about it to people who I’m close with and created a good support system. I want to work on myself this year and that’s what I’m hoping to do.

Appreciating the little things and the moments you have is something many people, like myself, take for granted. I think about the future or what I could do later. I want to appreciate the beauty and the memories that I won’t get back. I need to be in the moment and just live more.

Taking risks is a big part of life, and there will be several upcoming opportunities that I don’t want to pass up. I want to take these chances to further myself. I don’t want to wait around and miss what could’ve been. If I take these chances I could have these incredible chances of a lifetime.

Generally, I am an optimist, and this year I want to always believe in the good of the world. I want to keep a bright outlook on life because looking down will never get you anywhere. Believing in humanity and love keeps you hoping for the best. I believe that it will be a year of happiness.

I’ll see you all next week with a brand new post. I hope everyone’s 2020 is off to an amazing start!

Spotify Wrapped 2019

As the year comes to an end, everyone who uses Spotify is looking forward to one thing: their Spotify Wrapped. This is a great look back to all songs that we’ve blasted in the car or cried to in our rooms, and Spotify remembers all of it. Spotify gave everyone what they’ve been waiting for, and I decided to take you all along on my 2019 music journey.

Shockingly, my number one artist this year was the alternative pop band Chase Atlantic. For the past two years, I’ve been getting KPOP group BTS as my artist of the year. Chase Atlantic’s music tends to be more atmospheric and moody, so either I was really going through my feels or it was something else. I apparently spent a total of 47 hours listening to Chase Atlantic, so that was a bit surprising, to say the least. However, my artists of the decade ended up being BTS, and if you know me that’s nothing new.

My top artists were Chase Atlantic, BTS, Lil Peep, Lana Del Rey, and Halsey, so I feel that sums up quite a bit. I wasn’t super surprised by this either since I typically listen to them every year. The most surprising musician that didn’t make my list was probably alternative band Catfish and the Bottlemen. I played them a lot this summer so I really expected them to be on my list.

My top song of 2019 was National Anthem by Lana Del Rey, and I listen to that song religiously. I have been listening to that song on repeat every single year since 2015, and I’m not exaggerating. My top song of 2018 was Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris so going from an EDM-heavy song to a dark pop was an interesting twist.

Truthfully, many of the songs I listened to the most this year, were on my top songs of 2018 and 2017. I feel that I expand my music taste a lot, but there are just some songs that I will never get sick of. I know I’ll be playing this playlist on repeat to reminisce on my entire year music-wise.

If you have Spotify, I hope your Spotify Wrapped was a fun treat to look back on! Play your favorite songs of the year while you study for your finals! I hope you enjoyed this post and good luck to everyone on your finals next week!

Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow

Instagram is full of fashion bloggers who all have their own personal sense of style. I love following many of them to get different ideas to help build my own wardrobe. I’m sure many of you follow at least one fashion or lifestyle blogger, and maybe you’ll see your favorite on this list! 

Luanna Perez-Garreaud, known also by her blog name “Le Happy,” is one of the most popular fashion bloggers. I always saw pictures of her on Tumblr before I actually found out who she was. She’s based in New York City, and she’s notable for her red, long hair. Her style is elegant, but not without a punk edge that fits the aesthetics on her blog. She tends to stick to oranges, blacks, reds, and blues, and it all works with her hair color. Her posts aren’t solely based on fashion, but she also will keep her followers updated on traveling, beauty, home decorating, and more so there are a variety of subjects that she covers. 

“Deaddsouls,” or Lydia, has been gaining popularity in recent years. She is another fashion blogger who has an alternative fashion sense, and she incorporates more gothic and occult elements into her clothes. She tends to go for more vintage looks, and I love taking several pointers from her posts into my own closet. 

Danielle Victoria is a blogger and model, who I found because she is the girlfriend of Vic Fuentes, lead singer of Pierce the Veil. I started following her, and her style is very feminine and dressed up. She keeps her looks classy and sophisticated, and her posts show her traveling all across the country. She is honest and often writes about embracing yourself and being positive about who you are. 

I’ll give this one an honorable mention because she’s not necessarily a fashion blogger, but I do enjoy her posts; Victoria Snooks, known by her blog name “Victoria Kristine,” is much more of a lifestyle blogger. She talks about her life as a mother, her trips, and the recipes that she makes. Her posts are very calming to read, and she is open about her daily life. 

I highly recommend you look and read any of these bloggers’ posts! They’re all very interesting and distinctive in their own ways. I personally love following bloggers, so let me know what your favorite bloggers are! 

The Rise of Instagram Models in High Fashion

Hello, everyone! For this post, I’ve decided to write about something a bit different. I’ve noticed that in recent years, high fashion brands have utilized social media influencers to promote their brands. Now I’m not talking about celebrities; I’m talking people like Kelsey Calemine, Alissa Violet, and Sydney Carlson. They are well known for being popular on social media, and they’re normally referred to as “Instagram models,” because they model for brands on their Instagram accounts. Typically they become popular because they are attractive and generate a large following. The rise in these influencers has, not surprisingly, caught the attention of high fashion brands. These brands will pay large amounts of money to have these influencers promote their clothes, have them at Fashion Week, and sometimes even have walk in the shows.

It’s fascinating to witness this shift in the fashion industry. With our culture being so digitized, brands like Moschino, Givenchy, and Dolce & Gabbana have turned to social media to get to a larger audience. High fashion brands used to depend on fashion magazines and shows to promote their newest lines, but that has become a product of the past. Since most young adults have at least one form of social media, brands have caught onto this trend. The usage of Instagram models also steers the industry away from the regular supermodels that once dominated the catwalks. I find this interesting because the supermodel body type tends to be different from the average Instagram model’s body. Supermodels are notorious for their very thin and toned body types, which were a “must-have” in the fashion industry, but Instagram models tend to be curvier than what was traditionally accepted. This is not necessarily true for all of them, of course. Could it be that high fashion is also changing with the times? Or could it be because of the fact that the Instagram models just have a large audience? Personally, I believe it’s probably a mixture of both.

Using social media influencers to promote a brand’s products has come as no surprise, but there has been criticism. Many still believe that the catwalks should be left to trained models over those who rose to fame because of their social media following. These brands are hiring influencers over trained models, most likely due to their popularity. While it’s a good strategy in theory, issues have arisen. A notable incident occurred when Instagram model, Meredith Mickelson, walked in the Philipp Plein show, and many took to social media after unflattering photos circulated online that showed her looking quite different from her Instagram pictures. This has led to people asking why high fashion brands don’t promote trained models and instead base their promotions off of whoever has the biggest following. This photo circulated the internet of Meredith Mickelson.

In this day and age, the idea of “models” has become blurred thanks to social media’s impact. High fashion has taken a hit because of its use of Instagram models. I don’t see an issue with using social media influencers to promote brands or ivititing them to events. I’ll admit, I do wish that high fashion did not focus on who has the best numbers and instead focused on their talent. Their reliance on follower counts is hurting the industry by not giving models who are trained any runway time. Is social media going to keep impacting high fashion? Absolutely. I know they will keep gravitating toward social media to promote their brands. It isn’t necessarily a completely negative thing, but I am curious about how high fashion’s reputation will change over time because of it. Let me know what you all think of this! I’ll see you all next week!

Closet Organization Tips

Organizing a closet can often be tiresome and end up in a mess. I know that sometimes when I try to rearrange my closet it ends up looking worse than when I started. While I didn’t figure out the perfect system by any means, I have several tips that have helped me.

Organize your closet by most worn. What I mean by this is that I will put the clothes I wear the most in the middle of my closet. This is so that whenever I open my closet, the first thing that I see are the clothes I typically wear. For me, personally, it works when I’m at home because my closet there is bigger. However, it can help when you’re at a rush at school and need to grab something off your rack right away!

The clothes that I would typically wear are in the middle of the photo while the clothes that I don’t normally wear are to the side.

Organize your closet by the type of clothes. I’ll put my jackets, cardigans, and flannels in one section, and my tank tops and tube tops will go in another so that I know what section I’m looking at when I need to pick out my clothes.

My jackets, flannels, and cardigans are all pushed to the right side of my closet. My T-shirts go next, then my tank tops and so on.

Hang up your jeans, shorts, and skirts. I don’t do this in my dorm, but at home I have a lot more hangers to do this with. That way, it empties out some drawers for undergarments, socks, and anything else. I normally put my skirts and shorts in a section together and my jeans in another back home. I have more room in my dresser for items that I don’t want in my closet anymore and haven’t gotten rid of yet.

Since my closet is too small at my dorm, this is what I normally do with my bottoms. I then organize them further based on whether they’re jeans, skirts, or shorts.

Put the shoes you barely wear in the back. It helps me to put my most worn shoes in the front because I know I’ll be wearing them. I normally put shoes like sandals, heels, or any other shoes for special occasions in the back.

I don’t typically wear my heels, so that’s why I put them in the back of my closet rather than my Vans.

Of course, no matter how organized I try to be, sometimes my closet ends up messy. Hopefully, though, these tips helped you make your closet a little neater or cleaner!

My Halloween Costumes

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! This was my first time participating in Ohio University’s HallOUWeen, and I can officially agree that Athens knows how to have fun! Since it was my first year, I wasn’t sure what kind of costumes I should wear. I also knew that since my boyfriend was coming to OU, I had to make it something that we could both do. 

For the first day, I thought, “What’s a better idea than taking on another TikTok trend?” So, I decided to be a VSCO Girl. Since I don’t own any oversized shirts (most of mine are cropped), my friend let me borrow hers. I wore leggings and Nike socks with my Vans to complete the outfit. Of course, I piled on the scrunchies on my wrists to really give off the VSCO girl vibe. I made my boyfriend go as an e-boy by drawing an eyeliner heart under his eye and using my chain belt as a necklace for him. With him donning all black, we were the epitome of TikTok culture! 

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The second night we took on a classic movie; we went as the Smiths! This Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt movie about assassins seemed like the ideal costume idea.

It was easy to do, and my boyfriend’s last name is already Smith. I know that in the film she wears a long dress, but I opted for a short one so that I could move around easier when we went out. I also decided against wearing black heels because I probably would have broken my ankle! I bought a black thigh band but didn’t buy a plastic gun for safety reasons. I don’t normally wear makeup, so I just decided to go for a red lip. It was bold, and it fit the look well. My boyfriend wore a white dress shirt with a loose tie to be the Mr. to my Mrs. Although it was absolutely freezing outside, the outfit was well worth the cold!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I can’t wait for next Halloween to dress up again! Hope you all enjoyed seeing my costumes from this year!

Style Spotlight: “The Craft”

I’m someone who is into a more “alternative” sense of fashion. Many of my influences come from either the music I’ve listened to or the movies and shows I’ve watched. They all inspired me to feel comfortable in whatever I wear. One of the films that has helped shape my style is “The Craft.” In this movie about teenage witches, the actresses donned schoolgirl outfits with gothic accessories or all-black alternative outfits. It’s a cult classic film, and the fashion in the movie is still recreated to this day.

I want to take a closer peek at two of the most iconic looks from this movie, just in time for Halloween!

From the long floral dresses to the fishnet shirt under the vest, these looks mixed goth with boho. The dresses fit the boho aesthetic with the light patterns, but they were styled with boots and a heavy black denim jacket to make a great contrast. It was walking the line of feminine while maintaining a more grunge appearance. The other slip dresses were reminiscent of the grunge style that was popularized by female musicians in the ’90s. The long-sleeved fishnet shirt under the all-black vest with the cross necklace embraced the goth style. Red sunglasses and a purple lip topped off the look to create one of my favorites from the film.

These schoolgirl outfits have become a defining look of the film. Worn throughout most of the movie, this twist on a classic uniform has become quite famous. While it still had the typical schoolgirl elements, they amped up their appearance. The black cardigan was somewhat more goth, but the mini skirts with the black knee-high socks gave the characters the “rebel girl” attitude. Layered with silver necklaces and spiked dog collars, the girls completed the occult style. The suspenders and mini skirt are the look that really drew me. In general, all of the outfits caught my attention because they were alternative but still had style to them. These uniforms resonated with fans all over the country, and these outfits have gained popularity again.

“The Craft” had fashion that was very distinctive to me when I first watched it. These girls dressed how I wanted to dress when I was 15. To this day, the styles have a clear influence on me. “The Craft” itself is a great movie, and I highly suggest you watch it! Maybe you guys will take influence for your own style or a Halloween costume!

My Fashion Wish List

It recently hit me that I haven’t bought any new clothes. I missed the feeling of coming home with tons of shopping bags. Being at college means my funds are limited, so I can only buy new clothes when I have the money. To cope with the fact that I don’t have the funds to buy more clothes, I’ve decided to create my wish list for clothes I wish I had!

Lottie Moss Lace Bralette Top, PacSun, $26.95
It’s a little bit on the sexier side, but it’s not too over the top. The intricate lace detail of the shirt makes this the perfect shirt for going out. It could be paired with jeans for a fashionable daytime outfit, and then can be changed into a skirt to go out. I would love to wear this with a leather jacket, and go out all night.

Amara Top, Brandy Melville, $22.00
I instantly was reminded of springtime and vintage stores when I saw this shirt. I felt like I could wear a denim skirt and walk right into a little cafe. I adore the little white floral pattern against the dark blue color of the shirt. I feel I should be going out on a picnic in this shirt right about now.

Robbie Dress, Brandy Melville, $38.00
The elegance of this dress makes me dream of walking down the streets of Italy. I’ve never owned a dress quite like this, but it’s so pretty that I just need to have it. It’s a simple dress, and the light colors of the dress reminds me of summer. White flats and a silver necklace would complete this outfit for a sophisticated yet casual look.

Vintage Green Surplus Hooded Jacket, Urban Outfitters, $69.00
I’ve always wanted one of these jackets. They’re more on the expensive side but it would be great for fall. The green color is darker so it’s not too flashy. I can picture it now: mom jeans, docs, and a black shirt with this jacket.

My list goes on and on, but these are the most recent items that have caught my eye. Maybe in the near future I can make my wish list a reality! I hope you all enjoyed this week’s post, and that your fashion wish list come true as well!

My Favorite Clothing Stores

I love shopping; I mean, it is one of my favorite pastimes! Whether it’s online or at a mall, buying new clothes is the greatest feeling in the world. My bank account may not forgive me, but a brand new skirt makes up for it! I bet almost everyone loves to shop as well. I’m sure everyone has their favorite store, and I have several. There are so many different clothing stores that it’s impossible to pick a favorite!

There’s a good chance that you have seen this store in a mall near you, and it’s recognizable by the large brown entrance. I love this store because the clothing really shaped my fashion over the years. I wouldn’t say I have a specific aesthetic for the clothes that I wear, but a lot of my style is inspired by what’s trendy in California. PacSun was founded in California, so a lot of their clothing is based on what is popular there.

Image from

A good portion of my closet is from PacSun. It’s trendy and simplistic at the same time; nothing is too over the top or crazy. The only downside is that they tend to be more expensive. However, the clothes they sell make up for the price.

This online clothing store is based out of Hong Kong and has some very distinctive clothing items. All of the clothes are Asian brands, so there is a variety of different styles on the website. They tend to stand out more because it’s not the same style that Americans typically wear. They have stylized blouses and oversized graphic t-shirts among a variety of other different clothing options. I personally love the individuality of the pieces that YesStyle sells, and I enjoy that they aren’t clothes normally worn over here. They aren’t limited to just clothes; accessories, makeup, shoes and bags are just some of the items that are being sold on the website. It can be relatively cheap depending on what you order, however, it can take up to a month to be delivered.

Image from

Brandy Melville:
Brandy Melville has a similar aesthetic to PacSun, which is probably why I like their clothes. A lot of their items are basics, so their pieces can go well with anything, and they’re quite minimalistic. Brandy Melville is not very expensive because most of their clothes are around $20 at the most. They aren’t located in every state, but PacSun normally will sell their clothes. There’s a section dedicated to their brand, so it’s worth it to see what they have!

Image from{D65245CF-3AF9-4FDA-B8A2-F8E593852A6E}&mid=41152&siteID=MRu_ISar6sQ-bA4IqX7ofGD0y4agGhTHlw&utm_source=LS&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=US

Urban Outfitters:
This is a store that I shop at after I get paid. It is definitely more expensive, but the clothes are all very stylish. It has a Tumblr vibe that I’ve always been attracted to. It isn’t just the clothes that I love, but I also adore the decor that they sell. They have an array of fairy lights, lamps, rugs, and just about anything to create the coolest bedroom ever! Their clothes also vary from brand names to their own label. Urban Outfitters is incredibly fashion-forward, and they often sell clothes that are trendy right now. Whenever I walk into an Urban Outfitters, it makes me want to divulge into self care and dress to impress every single day.

Image from

There can never be enough clothing stores in the world, and it’s hard to narrow it down to just four. I’m sure there’s a possibility that you know all of the stores mentioned, but if you don’t, you should definitely check out their clothes!

Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite store as well!