An Out of this World Highlighter Palette

If there’s one aspect of the world that we see daily, but don’t really understand, it’s outer space. The majority of us on Earth have never visited another planet or seen the stars up close, but being reminded of how small we are in such a large, unknown universe is equal parts fascinating and terrifying. Because of these mixed emotions, I’ve always been interested in astrology and the creators of Anatasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics seem to be as well.

The Moonchild Glow Kit is a set of highlighters that have been around for a while now. The colors range from a sheer white to a stand-out blue, and they are all absolutely gorgeous. The best part is because they are highlighters, they are pretty sheer to begin with, so they’re perfect for makeup beginners who want to take the next step in incorporating more colors into their palette.

Although they go on sheer, the colors can gradually become more pigmented with just a little more product. Anastasia is a high-end brand that holds some of my favorite, everyday beauty products and this palette is no exception to delivering quality results at a reasonable price.

But let’s talk about the colors. Most highlighters offer a pearl, tan or pink shade that fades into the skin and offers a subtle glow. These highlighters offer a similar effect, as all highlighters do, but the colors are more obvious since they are not neutral- based.

Blue Ice, the first color in the palette, is a white shade with a blue undertone, which is reflected when light hits it. The next color, Pink Heart, may seem like the most natural shade, but it offers one of the most pigmented shades of the palette. The light pink color holds a lot of sparkle and stands out much more than it depicts in the pan. Star, a seemingly silver shade, goes on as a pearl color with pink undertones, making it the most subtle shade, which was surprising to me since it seems so out of the ordinary in the palette. Lucky Clover channels its name and provides a mint green color that blends into skin, but only provides a noticeable color when the light hits it. Purple Horseshoe also follows its namesake by providing a gorgeous violet color with blue undertones. Finally, Blue Moon provides an opal-colored highlight with blue, purple and pink undertones that shows when light reflects it.

Personally, my favorites are Lucky Clover and Purple Horseshoe since they are the most unusual highlight colors and they reflect differently in the light.

What I love the most about this palette is how different the colors are compared to natural highlighters. The palette channels its name and provides shades as diverse and interesting as outer space. Another reason I’m obsessing over this palette is because there’s the potential to create eyeshadow looks, since these colors are so versatile.

Anastasia Beverly Hills doesn’t follow beauty rules. Makeup is supposed to be fun and tailored to looks you find interesting. Anastasia believes that if you want to channel your inner moonchild that you should wear it with pride. This palette is just another example of ditching set ideals of what beautiful is and allowing women and men to put their interests into their makeup routines.