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All Wrapped Up

Photos By: Allison Weis

Crystals are believed to have healing properties, protect against negativity, and even bring good fortune. They have been used since ancient times for their different effects.

In recent times, there has been a rise in using crystals. This is partially because of the vast amount of TikToks promising viewers who purchase crystals, such as rose quartz, will bring love and romance into the lives of those who own and use them.

There is a sizable selection of crystals that serve different purposes. After selecting the one that fits your spiritual needs, the question is, “what do I do with it now?”

One way to keep that energy near at all times is through jewelry, more specifically, the affordable DIY crystal wire necklace that is all the rage right now.

Materials Needed:

·      20-24 gauge wire (softer metals such as copper, steel, and aluminum are recommended)

·      Crystal of choice

·      Necklace chain

·      Wire cutters

·      Round-nose pliers

Step 1: Cut the wire. Cut two equal lengths of the wire of choice at five inches, or longer depending on the size of the crystal. Use the wire cutters to do so.

Step 2: Twist the wire. Take the two pieces of wire, line them up, and twist them together in the middle. Twist at least three times, more for larger crystals. Make sure they twist around each other equally.

Step 3: Place the crystal. Hold the crystal against the twisted part of the wire so that the bottom is nestled between the two untwisted wires. This should look something like the crystal having the twisted section to its left and nothing to its right quite yet.

Step 4: Twist the next side. Now with the bottom of the crystal nestled between the 2 wires, twist the other side so that it mirrors the twisted portion on the left. This will sandwich the crystal between 2 twisted sides of wire.

Step 5: Wrap the wires up the crystal. Continue to twist the wires on both sides of the crystal, until it is secure. 

Step 6: Cross the wires. Take the untwisted part of the wires on each side and pull them to the opposite side of the crystal. They should cross around the crystal so that the front and back have an “X” shape with the crystal inbetween.

Step 7: Twist the “Xs.” On both sides of the crystal, twist the new “Xs” formed together similar to Step 2. Continue to tightly twist until the wires reach at least an inch above the top of the crystal.

Step 8: Secure the wires. Bend one of the twisted wires at a 90-degree angle and wrap it around the other section of twisted wires at least twice. Make sure to do this tightly. When done, trim the wires bent around the other section with the wire cutters.

Step 9: Create a loop for the chain. Using the round-nose pliers, wrap the remaining twisted wire around one side of the pliers. After creating the loop, wrap the twisted wire around the base of the loop as close to the crystal as possible. This should create a secured circle to place the chain through. Trim the remaining wire with the wire cutters.

Step 10: Tighten where needed and add the chain. Using the pliers, twist any single wires between the jaws of pliers to create a kink. Skip this step if the crystal is already secure. Then, simply slot the chain through the loop at the top of the crystal and wear.

Now that you have a beneficial crystal around your neck, start your journey of mindfulness, reflection, and acceptance through its properties, and look good doing it.

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