All Things Halloween

Halloween season is upon us! All the spooky things!!!

In today’s post I’ll show you how I decorated my apartment with items I found on sale, or at the dollar store! Yep! The dollar store! I’ve been trying SO hard to not to buy every cute Halloween related item I come across, because – lets be honest – I’m on a true college kid’s budget, but I just couldn’t help myself. I had to sprinkle pumpkins and skeletons around my space just a bit. Hope it inspires you to do the same!


I really like how this turned out! I haven’t found anything (normal) to hang by my table yet, so I had a lot of space! I’m not crazy about how the garland turned out, but they are little jingle bell pumpkins, so I couldn’t resist when I found them! I tied them to twine that I already had lying around.

  • Tablecloth: JoAnn Fabric – $2
  • Jingle Bell Pumpkin Garland: JoAnn Fabric – $5 (for 2 boxes)
  • Pumpkin Plates: JoAnn Fabric – $0.50 (a piece)
  • Orange/Black Place Mats: Dollar Tree – $1
  • Black/Purple Roses: Dollar Tree – $1


(I promise the garland is straight – although the angle that I took the photo at makes it seem otherwise.)

I also haven’t hung anything above my couch yet, so it was another space that I had room for garland! I wish I had enough cauldrons to say “Happy Halloween” but it’s still cute!

  • Foam Cauldron Cutouts: Dollar Tree – $1
  • Mini Skeleton Garland: Dollar Tree – $1


I love this because the little, sparkly pumpkins pull it all together, and cheesecloth goes a long way. The mantle curtain was a piece that I wasn’t sure where it was going to go when I picked it up, but I ended up cutting in in half and it fit perfectly on my shelves. It’s kind of long but hey – it makes a statement! PLUS – I like that my plants still have a home, even though more halloween decor wouldn’t be so bad. (Bonus points if you can name that spooky movie!) 

  • Cheesecloth: JoAnn Fabric – $2
While we’re on the topic of cheese, FUN FACT: Did you know that JoAnn Fabric started out as a cheese shop in Cleveland, OH? Well – it was a store run by a German family that sold imported swiss cheese, and anchovy paste and pickles. Their friends (another German family) joined them and began selling their fabrics in their little suburban store! (Read more here!)
  • Sparkly Pumpkins: Dollar Tree – $1
  • Mantle Curtain: JoAnn Fabric – $3


I saved my favorite for last. I just think this space is so Halloween-y! The black planter is actually something I already had – as you can see in the before photo – I’m in the process of planting that small cactus in it, just haven’t made it that far yet! The eyeballs in the jar are one of my favorite easy Halloween decor and I’ve created this many times before!

  • Cheesecloth: Dollar Tree – $1
  • Eyeballs: Dollar Tree – $1
  • Orange/Black Foam Marbles: Dollar Tree – $1
  • Skull: Dollar Tree – $1
  • Bones: JoAnn Fabric – $2 (a piece)
  • Jack-O-Lantern Lights: JoAnn Fabric – $4
  • Wooden Hanging Spider: JoAnn Fabric – $5
  • Happy Bat Garland: JoAnn Fabric – $2

There you have it! My halloween transformed apartment on a budget! Happy haunting!!

Disclaimer: JoAnn Fabric was having a huge sale – all their Halloween decor was 60%-75% off! I honestly just got lucky and walked in on the right day. But in total everything was under $40 – not to shabby!