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Acoustic Favorites

I make playlists. 

Now, most people create playlists on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. However, when I say, “I make playlists,” I mean my Spotify account sports a new playlist at least three times a month. They range from pre-twenty first century genres to modern-day music, and each playlist includes music for everyone.

My playlists are mainly based on a vibe or a necessity for new music. Between the months of October and December, I try to give a softer, acoustic vibe to each playlist I create. 

The purpose of my blog today is to delve into my top three fall acoustic songs and hopefully bring musical inspiration to anyone who may need it. Enjoy!

George Ezra – Barcelona

Image retrieved from Genius Lyrics.

I began listening to George Ezra almost a year ago. His music flows beautifully and offers both spirited tones as well as smoother, more relaxing rhythms. Right from the beginning of the song, “Barcelona” uses a quiet maraca and soft guitar sound to bring listeners a sense of warmth. No more than twenty seconds into the song, George Ezra shows off his smooth voice, and by the time the chorus hits, listeners become accustomed to his deep resonance. “Barcelona” speaks of nostalgia for a person or place, and the quiet acoustics make this a great fall tune. 

The Lumineers – Angela

Image retrieved from Genius Lyrics.

From the fingerpicking guitar at the beginning to the clear vocals at the chorus, “Angela” is easily one of The Lumineers best songs. Every song on their album, “Cleopatra,” asks listeners to reflect on life choices and desires. “Angela” is told from the perspective of a lover watching Angela leave a small town, wondering if there really was more out there. Being from a small town with huge aspirations, this song speaks to me on a personal level. The key changes are hit perfectly throughout this song with the ideal amount of vocal fry added in the chorus. 

Hozier – Almost (Sweet Music)

Image retrieved from YouTube.

A little more upbeat, “Almost (Sweet Music)” by Hozier immediately starts off with a heavy, but not distracting, baseline. With melodies stacked on top of each other, “Almost (Sweet Music)”  seems like it should not work out rhythmically. However, each rhythmic overlap creates a beautiful orchestral feeling for listeners. Hozier pays tribute to the jazz era throughout his song leaving jazz lovers to pick up on references in each verse. 

If anybody needs further inspiration, check out my Spotify account (annaebirk)! 

Enjoy the rainy weather!

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