A Trip to Flavertown Amidst Political and Emotional Strife

Last weekend when you logged onto Facebook, you were probably met with a barrage of delighted posts from your Mom and your Mom’s friends, all excitedly chattering about a new wave of Hallmark films in production. Hallmark released the titles of over 20 new upcoming projects recently. These women wait around all year for the mundane sense of muted joy they find from these cheaply made, plotless, emotionally exploitive movies. After a long day of work, many Americans just want to shut their brains off and feel easy, unadulterated pleasure. The same can be said for your aunt obsessed with the HGTV lineup. Or maybe your unmarried cousin who watches Say Yes to the Dress religiously and has an entire Pinterest page dedicated to a marriage to someone that doesn’t exist yet. Or possibly your uncle who secretly loves the Housewives of Atlanta and pretends to watch the game downstairs when he’s really catching up on the juicy details about last week’s extramarital affair.

Every type of person in this country has their own personal brand of reality TV poison and over 200 channels to choose from. For the average college student, this may seem ridiculous, a waste of time perhaps. However, this year is a time for something new, it’s time to join in on something many of us have left behind years ago; cable television.

The country is in crisis and every day the news appears to be getting more upsetting and less forgiving. There are Kavanaughs and Kanyes and the future looks dim. It is time for some self care and Christmas isn’t coming fast enough. In this time of uncertainty and madness comes the hardy, guttural laugh of TV’s most unusual and inviting host, Guy Fieri. This month, after you finish marching in protest, writing your paper, or finishing a draining night at the bars, curl up on the couch and watch the beauty of Chopped’s Halloween themed challenges. Take a minute to love yourself and take a trip to Flavertown, where Guy Fieri forces his contestants to wear animal-themed costumes all while trying to make a dish out of nothing but Ezekiel beans and candy corn. You won’t hear this very often in your life, but stop thinking for once. Let things slow down and take a minute to understand why your aunt loves something as uneventful as season 15 of The Voice.

In summary, make sure to register to vote, make sure to turn in the last homework assignment, but also, make sure to take care of yourself. Watch a wacky episode of some indistinguishable competition show on the Food Network for the upcoming Halloween season, you won’t be judged.


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