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A Brand New Year

This is my first blog post of the new year! I’m super excited to be back writing for you all! I can happily say that 2019 was the best year of my life. It was exciting and full of incredible memories that I’ll never forget. I visited the West Coast, went to Chicago, graduated, met the love of my life, and started my first year of college. With so many beautiful memories, I was almost scared to go into 2020. It’s not only a new year but a new decade as well. However, a new year brings in new opportunities and a fresh slate to create more memories.

I want to work on being a better version of myself, not only mentally but physically as well. Last year, I really got into going to the gym and working out. I’ve decided I want to do more and get better about going on a more frequent basis. I also want to start eating better, which I know is everyone’s resolution, but I want to start taking better care of my body. Physical health is really important, and I want to keep myself in good condition.

Mental health is also vital and last year was a turning point with mine. I started to talk about it to people who I’m close with and created a good support system. I want to work on myself this year and that’s what I’m hoping to do.

Appreciating the little things and the moments you have is something many people, like myself, take for granted. I think about the future or what I could do later. I want to appreciate the beauty and the memories that I won’t get back. I need to be in the moment and just live more.

Taking risks is a big part of life, and there will be several upcoming opportunities that I don’t want to pass up. I want to take these chances to further myself. I don’t want to wait around and miss what could’ve been. If I take these chances I could have these incredible chances of a lifetime.

Generally, I am an optimist, and this year I want to always believe in the good of the world. I want to keep a bright outlook on life because looking down will never get you anywhere. Believing in humanity and love keeps you hoping for the best. I believe that it will be a year of happiness.

I’ll see you all next week with a brand new post. I hope everyone’s 2020 is off to an amazing start!

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