A Sense of Community

As the semester comes to an end, so does Melanin Matters. I’ve been reflecting lately on the topics we’ve discussed, such as intersectionality of black gay men, the evolution of masculinity in fashion, mental health, colorism, natural hair and interracial relationships. And while these are all elements of black culture that we may not discuss as […]

Sharing Their Story

I was sitting on the edge of my seat, fists clenched and anxiety through the roof. My hand was over my mouth for most of the movie, and I constantly found myself glancing around the theater to see if people just saw what I saw. Get Out, a suspenseful, romantic thriller directed by Jordan Peele, […]

Curly Hair, Don’t Care

“The best part about curls is that when you jump, they jump with you!” My 11-year old sister exclaimed. These words that my youngest sister uttered were ones that would have never come out of my mouth ten years, or even two years ago. Finding what sets you apart is difficult at that age, and the fact that […]