6 Reasons Everyone Should Consider Moving Away For College

College…One of my favorite topics actually. I am now in my third year at Ohio University and could not love it more. It has turned into my second home and I am incredibly appreciative for all the experiences that I’ve had here. I consider college as a sort of limbo between childhood and the real world…you get the best of both worlds! (Insert Hannah Montana song). HOWEVER, I am very aware that college is not for everyone or more specifically that moving away for college is not for everyone. BUT I do feel that moving away from home has an abundant amount of benefits, which is why I believe everyone should as least consider moving away for college.

  1. Meet new and exciting people

Whether it is from my classes, my jobs, or my sorority, I have met so many people with amazing and crazy stories. I’ve been exposed to a diverse group of students that I could have never met at home.

2) Join organizations that pertain to your major/interests

Ohio University, as well as most other colleges, offer a numerous amount of student organizations. You can join a group to volunteer at a dog shelter or join an organization that helps you progress in your major. The possibilities are endless!

3) Step outside your comfort zone

I’ve learned college offers new challenges everyday. Not only that, but it reveals a new definition of stress. You may be in a class that is not your cup of tea, have to speak in front of class, or maybe just have a million things to do. Although none of this sounds ideal, you will realize that you can get through the rough days and you’ll grow a new sense of independence.

4,) Higher Your Education

By saying this I don’t just mean that you’ll be taking classes towards your major. I mean that you will be able to take classes you enjoy and can get something out of. Most professors want you to learn, and I have had many professors go out of their way to help me succeed. You’ll also have the ability to take interesting classes that don’t pertain to your major, but are fun. I took an animal diversity class and have a whole new view on insects!

5) You have a huge amount of resources

The thing about resources on campus is that you have to take advantage of them. At Ohio University, there is a Career and Leadership Development Center where I’ve received two certificates. Not only does it look great on a resume, but it was just another way for me to connect and meet more people. Besides that, there are many places to go for help with advising, financial aid, networking, volunteering and more.

6) Networking

Unless you dream of being a broke college student living in your parent’s basement, this is something every college student should experience! Being away at school gives you the opportunity to talk to professors, advisors, etc. that will guide you in the right direction. I have also had coworkers or friends who have a relative in the field I would like to work in. There is an array of people to connect with on campus. You never know who knows whom!