5 Things I Learned at London Fashion Week Festival 2018

Last night, I went to my first ever fashion show. I am in London for the semester and by some chance I found tickets to attend the London Fashion Week Festival. It was not what I expected, but in the best way possible. High end, yet semi-affordable retailers had pop-up shops set up in two floors of the building. It was amazing to see such aspirational brands in one place. Lily and Lionel, a patterned-focused and structured shirt and dress company, has been a brand that I have loved for a while and it felt special to see their pieces in person. Littered around the pop-ups were trendy food stations like roll-up ice cream, a champagne bar, and an energy-ball corner. It felt so luxurious to be in this space and observe the atmosphere.

Check Mates

We had tickets to a trend show and designer show. The trend show rounded up all the big categories of A/W18 and broke it down into three sections: Check Mates, Prints Charming, and Prim & Proper. After the trend showcases we got to see Mother of Pearl show their A/W 2018 line. This was really special for me because one of the first articles I had written was a Seams Runway Realway about Mother of Pearl. London Fashion Week will be something I will never forget!

Here are 5 things I learned at this year’s London Fashion Week Festival:

  1. Dressing for the season is out

I’ve been saying this for years, but finally, the fashion industry is on my side: there is no such thing as seasonal dressing. Yes, you’re always going to layer up in the cold and bare it down in the heat, but who says that you can’t wear bright florals in December? The Prints Charming showcase was all about bright colors and retro girly-ness for the autumn and winter, while the “traditional” A/W style showcase, Check Mates, was about making plaid prints bright again. Never say to yourself again “I can’t wear this because it’s too summery.”

Prints Charming
  1. I need to buy a pair of fun tights

Every model had a pair and I was so jealous! Polka dot printed sheer tights were put straight on my shopping list. The best way to switch up a basic outfit and keep yourself warm is with a pair of stand-out tights. Yellow tights, plaid leggings, and sheer-patterns will complement any skirt or dress.

  1. Play with dimensions

Short dresses with chunky boots, thick sweaters with silk skirts, and wearing coats as dresses all give an illusion that your outfit took more effort than it really did. Pairing traditional feminine pieces with masculine accents, and vice versa, brings a whole new aspect to androgynous dressing.

  1. We’re ditching the 70s…for the 60s and 80s

Prints Charming and Prim and Prom introduced us to the newest eras we’re bringing back. From the “flower child” florals and swirls of Prints Charming to the shoulder ruffles and sparkly cocktail dresses of Prim and Prom, I think it’s time to give the 70s a rest. Dress like you’re going to prom in a John Hughes movie or going to a Jimi Hendrix concert in the 60s and you’ll be on trend somewhere.

Prim & Prom
  1.   Mother of Pearl can do no wrong

The classic looks shook up by new additions gave me a sense of comfort that fashion is the best it’s been in a while. When models came out wearing only a long-line coat as a dress, I gasped. Can I really do that myself? Why not? My affinity for anything that has a pearl on it might have something to do with my love for this brand (yes, there are pearls on almost outfit, hence the name.) Mother of Pearl is so classic but has its own sense of individuality. The most fashionable people are the ones with a uniform, and Mother of Pearl creates a uniform for those who love to keep it classic, but stand out at the same time. Mother of Pearl also won the 2017 Vogue/BFC Designer fashion fund prize and used it to make the company more sustainable. Mother of Pearl does nothing but create great clothes with an eco-friendly mindset, what more could you ask for?

Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl










Finally, fall and winter fashion is changing. Out with the muted colors and baggy sweaters, and in with the trends that makes fashion fun in the first place! Clothes should be a reflection of who you are and what you want to tell people. Fashion is for everyone and it never has to stay the same, and London is teaching me that already.






All photos are my own.

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