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5 Summer Fitness Tips

It’s almost the end of my sophomore year of college. I have two weeks, final exams to get through, then off to summer I go! It’s true when they say college goes by extremely fast.

Although I’ll be interning and working as a server, I know I’ll make time for the gym and exercise. It truly is a huge factor in what keeps me happy, confident and feeling healthy. As we all move closer to the summer months, it’s a smart idea to continue on with a fitness regimen so that you can feel and look healthy. During the summer you may even have greater free time to devote to a new fitness routine you’ve been itching to try out. If you haven’t found a routine that you’re wishing to try yet, then it might be worthwhile to start looking around for various fitness programs that you could be keen to try over the summer months to get you looking and feeling healthier! For all of you who say you hate exercise, give it another chance! Make a fitness routine that works for your schedule, stick to it and you may just fall in love with how you start to feel, and then you might want to invest in some bodybuilding clothes when things get serious.

Away from the typical and hectic school routine, here are my favorite tactics I’ve developed over the last couple years that help me stay in shape over the summer:

1. Pack a gym bag in your car before you leave for work, a day as an intern etc. I either packed my work clothes in a bag to change into after my workout, or packed my workout co-ords for after work. I did this almost every day last summer and it was convenient. I either went right before my shift or directly after, which ended up saving me gas money in the long run because I only took one trip during the day away from my house.

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2. Keep an extra pair of athletic shoes in your car at all times. A few times I wanted to go for a quick jog or walk on a bike path while I was already out and about. Even a little bit of exercise goes a long way! It can help you make working out into a daily routine.

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3. Save some of your paycheck money and dedicate it to a grocery store trip for healthy food. With the money I put aside, I could go shopping for things I wanted to keep and add to my diet, such as spinach, egg whites, fresh fruit and turkey. Also, with some of this money you can save up to buy whey protein and other supplements like andro for working out if you’re interested in them!

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4. Make time to cook! Hopefully you will have some spare time and a kitchen to cook your own meals in. You can even store cooked food for later, so a good meal is ready when you get home from work etc. Cooking your own healthy meals will save you money and keep you away from the vicious cycle of unhealthy drive-thrus.

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5. If you aren’t working, or have a day off, spend it exactly how you’d like to. Remember your schedule doesn’t need to revolve around your workout or when you can get to the gym, if you don’t want it to. Part of the fitness lifestyle is enjoying your own time doing what makes you happiest.

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