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5 Seconds of Summer

How one band’s style influenced pre-teens everywhere. 

Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer’s Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, and Michael Clifford set the standard for Tumblr girls in the 2010s. Google “5SOS fashion” and stumble across troves of “aesthetically-made” Pinterest edits featuring black skinny jeans, band tees, and flannels galore, which have defined the look of pop-punk lovers everywhere and the basic go-to concert look that’s still alive today. Nowadays, the bandmates have traded in their “Self-Titled” and “Sounds Good Feels Good” looks from their first two albums for the “Youngblood” and “CALM” album eras of dressier black ‘fits and chains.

Bassist Calum Hood is scarcely seen without a solid-color, typically black, undershirt. Hood revealed in an interview with GQ that Target sells the Hanes brand shirts for around $10. Like his bandmates, Hood doesn’t shy away from a good chain, which pairs well with his tank top, dressier pants, and belt. The occasional graphic tee will sneak its way back into his wardrobe, with hints of nostalgia of graphic muscle tees of years past.

Drummer Ashton Irwin tries to wear polka dots every day, a look influenced by Buddy Guy and Yayoi Kusama, who both sport the pattern often. Irwin also likes wearing black suits, a style choice inspired by Johnny Cash. He describes his sense of style as having an older influence and a look “for the battered and broken.” Irwin’s traded in his muscle tees and bandanas for chains and button-ups, and the only things he’s breaking are records and hearts.

5SOS’s guitarist and lead vocalist Luke Hemmings isn’t afraid to be bold or bend a few fashion rules. Straying away from graphic tees, Hemmings still makes use of solid or distressed t-shirts and is a big fan of a good button-up and jacket. No one says f*** toxic masculinity like Hemmings, as he’s known to rock glitter, eyeliner, and even owns a pair of custom women’s boots. Although he remained mysteriously off the grid for most of 2020, no one should be surprised when he’s back on the scene and looking incredibly put-together and trendy.

Lead guitarist Michael Clifford is rarely seen without a hat, beanies and snapbacks being the styles he’s most often photographed in. Clifford favors comfort, with t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets being his go-to for street-style and just chilling at home. As for red carpet looks, he’s known to sport jackets and button-ups buttoned all the way and untucked rather than tucked in. His hair has recently been a constant blonde, a huge contrast from when he’d dye it a new vibrant color every month or so.

Not only did their fashion influence an entire decade of teen girl fashion, but they do good with their own merch too. Their clothing brand Friends of Friends raised money in support of the fires that raged across Australia in 2020, and they most recently partnered with We Need Crew to release a merch line to support stagehands and others affected by COVID-19’s impact on the live concert industry. 

There’s no doubt that the punk rocker girl look inspired by everyone’s favorite Australian band left its impact on today’s concert and mainstream fashion. The nine-year-old band’s fashion and music influence has only just begun, as 5SOS’s momentum is only moving them upward and onward into future success.

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