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4 Ways to Wear a Turtleneck

Ahh… there’s something about a good ol’ turtleneck in the colder months. This post is actually extremely ironic considering I used to disdain my mother for making me wear these (for what seemed like) everyday. However, I have recently become a huge fan and love how versatile a plain turtleneck can be. I feel like there may be a negative stereotype about turtlenecks, but I’m here to change that!

Photos by Anna Ventre 

1.) The Basics


Turtleneck: JCPenney (Worthington)

Jeans: Express

Booties: Marshalls (Madden Girl)

One great way to wear a turtleneck is just on its own! I paired this turtleneck with high-waisted jeans, a studded black belt, and some heeled booties. The small details add just a little something to differentiate it from separate pieces to a “put together” outfit. I love how all the neutral colors work together and create a classic look.

2.) The Scarf


Scarf: Cejon

This is such a simple way to spice up this look a little more, as well as add some warmth, if you choose a bulkier scarf. I like how this scarf simply lays and matches perfectly with the neutral theme going on. If you own numerous scarves like myself, this is a great way to put them to good use!

3.) The Flannel


Flannel: Kohls (mens)

Black Jeans: Express

Flannels are an absolute staple in fall. I personally wear them with anything, including turtlenecks. They’re so easy to throw on, and can easily take a look from simple to edgy. Adding a flannel to this outfit makes it a little more casual and gives it a cozy vibe that the other outfits do not have.

4.) The Vest


Here, I added a denim vest to make the outfit a little more unique. For some reason, these pieces together give me a total 70’s feel, but that’s what I love about it! What can I say, I guess I am living vicariously through a decade I never got to experience. Overall this outfit is just fun and perfect for a fall outing.

Hope you guys like these outfits that I put together! Let me know in the comments of any ways that you like to wear turtlenecks!

Have a Delightful Day,


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