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4 Video Editing Tips From Someone Who’s Done it Twice…

And Voila! I have created a behind the scenes video. My second video of all time. It’s by no means perfect, but I’m pretty proud of the work I’ve done. I worked in Premier to keep that in mind for the following tips. Press that play button above for a behind the scenes look at one of our Thread shoots. It’s pretty cool.

1. Organization
The biggest thing I found while editing this, is that it’s super important to stay organized. The way I managed everything was by creating a folder titled by the project name (on my desktop for easy access, I’ll be backing it up and storing it away later). Within that folder, I saved my project, created a folder for my video files, and a separate folder for my audio. Then, I imported all that into my project.

2. Shorter is Better
Most of the original clips I had were way too long and I shortened them significantly. True, it’s better to have a clip that’s too long than too short. However, it would be better to focus in on smaller actions and accentuate those by getting closer to the action. Having those kinds of clips mixed in with wider shots would have mixed in some more variety. Not every clip needs to be 10 seconds long. It’s probably best that they are all not more than 10 seconds long!

3. Good Editing Takes Time
I’m no expert, but even the very basic editing I did on this short video took me quite a while. Each clip needs cut down individually and edited. The sound is a separate entity that needs its own attention, then it needs to be matched to the video you’re using. It was a lot to take in at first. Luckily, I was working with a pretty even color balance and exposure.

4. Think Before You Film
The biggest thing I wish I would have done differently was film a larger variety of angles, head sizes, and content. Most of the clips are of our photographer working (Justin Gamble). The video would be stronger with more variety – including detail shots of the clothing, different angles of the photographer, etc.

Carly Matson, Thread‘s video editor, was a huge part in helping me along in this project and finalized it for promotion of the magazine. You can see Thread‘s video channel here to see more of our super cool videos.


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