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3 Makeup Brushes You Need Now

Hello again!

My major tools for success when it comes to makeup application would definitely have to be brushes. The right brush can make all the difference, no matter what type of product you use. There are so many types of brushes to choose from, and I am going to tell you about the brushes I use to create a flawless makeup look.


Large, Fluffy Brush

Everyone needs to own a large, fluffy makeup brush. Whether it’s applying translucent powder, foundation powder, or bronzer, this brush is vital for proper application. I have used the Mie Kabuki Brush by Nars for years now, and I hope to use it for years to come. The large teardrop shape makes it ideal for full coverage, while being precise at the same time. I always use this brush to apply my bronzer, and the narrow tip allows me to create a precise contour.


Small Face Brush

Sometimes you need a smaller, more dense brush to create a more detailed contour or highlight, as well as to apply a more concentrated product. Another one of my favorite brushes is the Classic Mini Mulitasker Brush by Sephora. I use this if I want the product to appear more dramatic, and if I want to be more precise.

This brush is great for anything: highlight, contour, blush, you name it. The Mini Multitasker Brush has got you covered!


Smudge Eyeshadow Brush

I am obsessed with smudge eyeshadow brushes. They help to create a perfect eye look. I like to use Sephora’s Classic Must-Have Smudge Brush. This is great for lining the top and bottom lash line, or to create more definition in the eye-crease. This product is great for a smoky eye, but using light and neutral shadows makes it a great tool for an everyday eye look too!


I have many more brushes in my collection, but these three are definitely the tools that I can’t live without! They have been a part of my daily makeup routine forever, and will continue to be in the future. I strongly suggest going makeup brush shopping to truly perfect every one of your makeup looks!

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