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2017 Goals and Intentions

After a month long vacation from blogging and school work, I am refreshed and ready to dive headfirst into 2017 and continue doing what I love! I’m so eager to see what my last semester of college has in store and where my life will take me after graduation.

My expectations are set ambitiously high for this year. I have a boatload of goals to accomplish between now and January 2018 and I am optimistic that I will achieve all of them! Besides graduating with honors and securing a job, I have compiled a list of more personal goals and intentions that I hope to keep doing or start doing this year.

I already know that 2017 will be a big year for me, and I’m hoping that defining certain goals that I want to accomplish will help keep me on track. I cannot wait to see how much I can accomplish!

Check out my goals then leave a comment with what you would like to achieve in 2017. Good luck! 🙂

Be grateful every day.

One thing I have been seeing all over lately is the power of positive thinking and gratitude. This year I really want to be more appreciative of the things I have and where I am in my life.

Reminding yourself of the little things in life that make you happy each day can completely change your mood and even your outlook on life. To try and stay true to this goal, I started a gratitude journal where I can write down a list of things I am grateful for before I go to bed!

Eat more whole plant foods.

Most of you know that the biggest change I made in 2016 was to go vegan! Although I am definitely vegan for ethical and environmental reasons, health benefits played a huge part in my decision. In 2017, I really want to focus on eating whole plant foods, cooking my own food, and knocking out as much processed junk as I can!

I am so proud of myself for keeping this up and I feel so good because of it. I’ve even lost a couple pounds! Of course, I will allow myself a treat sometimes, but I feel best when I am eating healthy plant-based foods the majority of the time.

Continue exercising regularly.

Working out consistently in the winter has always been a struggle of mine. In the summer I love running, biking and swimming, but I can never find the same motivation to leave my bed and head to the gym when it’s 30 degrees outside. In November, I started working out three days a week and have been keeping it up regularly into the new year! I definitely want to make hitting the gym a habit in 2017.

I have been doing Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide and I’m loving it! It is so much easier than working out on my own, especially because each workout is labeled Monday, Wednesday or Friday, and each week has a specific number. To keep myself motivated, I add my workout as a meeting in my calendar! That way my phone reminds me when it’s time to work out.

Become fluent in Spanish.

Learning a language is easier than ever thanks to companies like UK Language Project as well as simple apps you can have on your phone so I don’t really have any excuse not to one now! Learning Spanish has been on my mind for a while but I really want to drill down and become fluent by the end of 2017! After reading this article about the benefits of being bilingual, I decided that this was the year I would finally learn a second language.

To practice, I have been using the Duolingo app and watching Spanish movies in my free time. I have taken a few years of Spanish but I still need a lot of work before I can claim fluency. Knowing a second language will benefit my personal and professional life so much, so I aim to practice at least ten minutes every day! I told one of my friends that I wanted to improve my Spanish and she told me to check out Bingo Olé online. It’s a great way to improve my language knowledge whilst also having fun! Along with this, I’ve found other exciting games that help me to learn the language. I still make a few mistakes, so I’m always on the lookout for the best way to learn spanish that fits my learning style.

Spend less, blog more.

I don’t think that I could ever become a full-blown minimalist, but I would like to only spend my money on items that I truly need or want. Buying things on impulse creates a ton of unwanted stuff and clutter that causes guilt and regret. Since I am moving to NYC this summer, spending less and starting to downsize and add to my savings is a must.

Blogging more is also a huge goal of mine in 2017! I am proud of how much I was able to write in 2016 but I would love some more consistency in my posting schedule. I think investing in a web hosting server like may be beneficial to this goal, as it will ensure there’s no errors on my page so that all you lovely people can read with no issues! In addition, this year, I am lucky enough to team up with Thread Magazine and become a blogger for the Thread website! Each Thursday I will be publishing a new post which can be found on my website or on the Thread Magazine website.

I am hoping to focus less on material possessions and do more of what I love, like blogging, cooking healthy food and spending time with my friends.

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