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10 “Pretty” Instagrams

Hello lovely readers!

This week is a bit stressful (and chilly) so I’m living vicariously through charming Instagram accounts! For some, social media has become a bit of an art form. You may even go as far as to say an extension of oneself. Millions flock to the app each day to show off the things in their lives that they really cherish and appreciate in the hope to gain more followers and likes, although they could just buy Instagram likes if they wanted to. Some like to keep their profiles private and have only their closest friends and family take a look at their snaps and others like to have their profiles public for the whole world to see. I like public profiles because then I can see everything and find plenty of inspiration! Some users, particularly influencers, choose to use sites like Nitreo to give their followers count a little bit of a boost so that their Instagram page becomes more visible to other users. Another way to make it more visible it so gain more likes on posts too. The more likes a post gets, the more likely it’s going to be shown on the Instagram explore page and a pretty Instagram attracts likes. However, you can also use an instagram bot to artificially inflate the like count, which may also bring in organic traffic by making your fanbase look bigger than it actually is! Here are a few people who are really good at it! If for whatever reason your access to these accounts is restricted, they may have since been made private; you could consider using an instagram private viewer to see this content.

Enjoy this short and sweet post!

The photos from this account are simply satisfying! Bright colors and quirky props complete each “design”, creating a pleasant site for the eyes. This collection is curated by the instagram account below!

This page is full of bright pastels and lots of food! She definitely likes to explore, so that makes her page a constant stream of adventure!

Jonathan’s theme is full of warm tones and crisp landscapes. His photos make you want to jump in a van and drive without a map. Truly invigorating!

Dodie is one of my favorite artists of youtube. I stumbled across her vlogs a couple of years ago and have been low-key obsessed with her ever since! Right now she has a gray theme going on and I’m living for it!

Katheran Grace is a sweet gal who loves all things vintage (or disney)! I came across her page via Dodie – they’re pals! As a girl who believes she was born in the wrong era, I love her stylish page!

If you’re not a green thumb, this account may change that! These plants are gorgeous but the way they are photographed really brings them to life!

WHAT A POWERFUL CONCEPT! There is something so fierce about girls and their cats. Take a scroll through this one to see some furry friends!

Okay – this is actually a nail shop from back home and I’ve been LOVING their page lately. The designs are one of a kind and they post daily “color inspiration” which honestly is enough to inspire even the less-artsy! You won’t regret hitting their follow button!

Aileen is another vlogger I’ve been following for quite some time! She is all about those dreamy pastels and finding inspiration in every day things! Her vlogs focus on art, travel, mental health, and sometimes beauty!

This pretty little page was discovered thanks to Thread’s latest issue! Marta is a food blogger and the photos are simply breathtaking. They belong in a book! Check out the Thread piece on her here!

That’s it for today, have a wonderful week!

Images: Mentioned Instagram Accounts
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