10-Minute Outfits for Spring

We all have those days when we only have a few minutes before we walk out the door. Either you overslept before your class or you have work early in the morning, or you’re just rushing from one thing to the next. At times like these deciding what to wear can be tricky – even though you have a lot of clothes it seems like you have nothing to wear! So, we asked Ohio University graduate student Briana Ekanem or Bri, who starts most of her days at 5 am to tell us her secrets. “In high school I put a lot of weight into what I wore and what it said about me,” she says. “I would take an hour just to make sure my hair looked good and my outfit was put together.” But now that she’s in college she has become lazier (her words not mine) and has a much busier schedule which means she often has to get ready in minutes. She says that she has a few key pieces that she likes to wear and often dresses them up with accessories, making it look like she’s put in a lot of effort. For example, Bri has a small collection of designer handbags that she likes to switch out to add a splash of personality to her outfits. When it comes to buying handbags, Bri has a few replica pieces in her collection. After reading Maria Dipalo’s Replica Tips online she found some great replica websites online and has not looked back since. Fashion does not have to come at a high cost, and some replica pieces can be just as glamorous as the real thing. She’s also always on the lookout for stylish pieces of jewellery that bring her whole outfit together. She shops online on sites like urbanaccessories.com as well as in high street stores, creating affordable outfits. So here are a few comfortable looks she plans on wearing in Spring to class and work.

  • Keeping up with a cardigan

Start with a fluffy cardigan in a neutral tone that will keep you warm and cuddly all day. Pair it with black jeans and boots and add a dash of color with loud prints or bold yet simple accessories. When it comes to outfits and accessories, you won’t have to break the bank just to buy a designer top or shoes. If you have the money, fair enough, but if you are someone who has other priorities but also like treating themselves once in a while, you’ll notice that there is always an cheaper alternative to whatever expensive item you wanted to buy. For example, when it comes to jewellery, specialists such as jacobs the jeweller may be an alternative route to look into, rather than the really expensive brand that you were considering purchasing items from. It is always best to do your research as you can always find something within your budget and therefore have money left over for other things. This is worth considering when you decide to spend your money on really pricey items.

“My fashion is definitely casual, more laid back,” says Bri describing her sense of style. She picked a brown, knee-length cardigan and kept the rest of her outfit simple so that the cozy cardigan would be the focus.

  • Denim for days

We all have an old, trusty denim jacket in our closet. Pair it with a pair of jeans and a tee in a solid color for a look that’s comfortable yet stylish. Bri also added metallic accents using bracelets or bohemian necklaces to up the ante. She explains, “I value having my personality shown in what I’m wearing more so than just dressing in a way that looks good to other people.” So, play around until you find a look that reflects you.

  • Statement skirts for style

For a girly look with a twist pair an eye-catching skirt with subdued items. Bri wears her midi-length floral skirt in bold red and a tee in a neutral shade with a versatile denim jacket. Pair this with lace-up boots for a grunge look. “Sometimes I like to mix and match and I prefer it when the look doesn’t go together perfectly,” says Bri. Follow her advice and don’t try too hard to make an outfit perfect.

  • For the flower child

Bri’s favorite fashion trends are from the seventies, “I really liked the floral patterns and big, voluminous hair.” So pull out that loose, floor-length maxi dresses with wild floral prints from the corner of your closet – they’re perfect for the spring! Pair it with black, low-heeled boots so you can rock this look from the classroom to a quiet bar without much help.

If you’re trying to save some time while getting ready Bri has some advice. Heading somewhere early in the morning? It’s best to decide and prepare your outfit the night before. If you must wear the same outfit all day long she suggests layering up. But most importantly she recommends wearing outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. “I don’t think you have to wear whatever is in fashion,” Bri says.