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How to Ball on a Budget in the Athens Area

As broke college students, it can be difficult to afford a sandwich without your bank account begging you for mercy. So, as the broke college students that we are, we have to ask ourselves, “how must one ball on a budget?”

Out of sheer boredom, yet pure curiosity, we took a spontaneous trip to “New-To-You Thrift Shoppe,” which is located in Athens. This quaint shoppe is located just off of Columbus Circle, which is a short ten minute drive from Ohio University’s campus. Inside, the store was filled from wall-to-wall with clothes, accessories, and toys.

Once we made it inside, we searched through articles of clothing ranging from children’s clothes to Halloween costumes. As we were searching, we pulled individual pieces based off of each friend’s personality. It was so nostalgic to try on different pieces and paint a picture of how the final looks will appear in our heads. The pieces have been revived! Numerous laughs were shared and we truly balled out and popped tags on a $20 budget.

Many of the pieces that are displayed in our look book were hand-picked from “New-To-You,” but we were also able to incorporate pieces from our everyday lives. We enlisted the help of our newfound friends to bring these clothes to life and bring variety to our photos. The fact that we all met two weeks ago still baffles us. 

Friendship is so sweet. We have all come from different parts of the country and fate has paired us with each other. Our hearts are so full from the amount of love and support that has been reciprocated these past two weeks, and we are optimistic of what our futures have in store for all of us. 


New-To-You Thrift Shoppe

*All photos were shot on Ohio University’s campus in South Green and at Seigfred Hall. They feature Bryce Bates, Rachel Calvis, Malie Curry, Dewy D’Amore, Emma Dengler and Sophia Englehart.

Thank you to all of our friends who helped us with this shoot. We love you all. 

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The Comeback Party of the Century!

Come one, come all! Denim is throwing a comeback party and you’re invited!

In the past, we have seen the likes of  bell bottoms turn into straight-legged piped pants. Then, we saw the pipes turn into skintight jeans. Since this cultural revolution, we have seen our beloved skintight trousers turn to the deep, dark, thin threads of leggings.

How did we get to this deep, dark place? This place where pants are all but see through, when they used to be thick and sturdy. When did we go from buying a pair of pants that lasted years, to buying a pair of pants that last five days? When did we loose our faith in denim? Why did we loose our faith in demin?

Those questions may never have answers, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We are all residents of the year 2018 and we are living! The time is now and the place is here. We are in the midst of a self-love revolution and that means wearing what you love, and not conforming to the likes of anyone but yourself.

That means that denim is coming back! Denim can be seen being sported through a vintage jean jacket, or a brand new pair of skinny jeans. Boot cut pants are on the rise like they’re being worn by Britney Spears again in the early 2000s, and bell bottoms are rocking out like it’s 1970.

We are in the midst of a revolution where everything can be considered fashionable! This self-love, this confidence, this courage has allowed our generation to span decades of clothing and decades of denim, bringing them all together to suit people’s individual styles.

I’m talking jean jackets, skinny jeans, bell bottoms, and fit and flare. You name it and it’s back with a bang.

If you are interested in denim, the comeback kid, I’m going to show you the three funkiest and freshest items that I could find (on a college student’s budget of course) and where to get them!


  • The H&M Denim Jacket comes in six colors. Ranging from a light wash that is so  light it’s almost white, to a dark wash so dark it’s basically black. For only $22.99 you could be rocking an iconic piece with the ability to pull together any outfit.         Denim Jacket - Denim blue - Ladies | H&M US 1                                                       Photo from:
  • If you feel like channeling your inner Donna and The Dynamos, then these pants are perfect for you! From everyone’s favorite Forever 21, here is a pair of high-rise, fit and flair, dark-wash jeans with buttons! They ring in at $35.00.High-Rise Flare Jeans                                                        Photo from:
  • If you love pipe pants and denim, then the mom jean look is perfect for you. My personal favorites are the women’s high-rise, boyfriend fit jeans from Uniqlo for only $19.90.

Image result for women's high rise boyfriend fit jeans                                                          Photo from:

If you found a piece that you like, I am more than elated. But, if nothing suit your fancy, I hope that it at least inspired you to find something that does. What is most important in the world is to be who you are and wear what you love! You’re all incredible! Go out, have a comeback, denim sized, and seize the day! #CARPEDENIM

Shop the look:

  • H&M Denim Jacket:
  • Forever 21 high-rise jeans:
  • Uniqlo jeans:



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